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    • Y disruption, autosomal hypomethylation and poor male lung cancer survival. 

      Willis-Owen, SAG; Domingo-Sabugo, C; Starren, E; Liang, L; Freidin, MB; Arseneault, M; Zhang, Y; Lu, SK; Popat, S; Lim, E; Nicholson, AG; Riazalhosseini, Y; Lathrop, M; Cookson, WOC; Moffatt, MF (2021-06-14)
      Lung cancer is the most frequent cause of cancer death worldwide. It affects more men than women, and men generally have worse survival outcomes. We compared gene co-expression networks in affected and unaffected lung ...
    • Yeast Phosducin-Like Protein 2 Acts as a Stimulatory Co-Factor for the Folding of Actin by the Chaperonin CCT via a Ternary Complex 

      McCormack, EA; Altschuler, GM; Dekker, C; Filmore, H; Willison, KR (ACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2009-08-07)
      The eukaryotic chaperonin-containing TCP-1 (CCT) folds the cytoskeletal protein actin. The folding mechanism of this 16-subunit, 1-MDa machine is poorly characterised due to the absence of quantitative in vitro assays. We ...
    • Yes-associated protein (YAP) functions as a tumor suppressor in breast 

      Yuan, M; Tomlinson, V; Lara, R; Holliday, D; Chelala, C; Harada, T; Gangeswaran, R; Manson-Bishop, C; Smith, P; Danovi, SA; Pardo, O; Crook, T; Mein, CA; Lemoine, NR; Jones, LJ; Basu, S (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2008-11)
      Yes-associated protein (YAP) has been shown to positively regulate p53 family members and to be negatively regulated by the AKT proto-oncogene product in promoting apoptosis. On the basis of this function and its location ...
    • Young adults: a unique group in cancer epidemiological research. 

      Husson, O; Lidington, E; Younger, E; van der Graaf, WT (2018-02)
    • αB-crystallin Expression in Breast Cancer is Associated with Brain Metastasis. 

      Voduc, KD; Nielsen, TO; Perou, CM; Harrell, JC; Fan, C; Kennecke, H; Minn, AJ; Cryns, VL; Cheang, MCU (2015-10)
      Background/objectives The molecular chaperone αB-crystallin is expressed in estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 "triple-negative" breast carcinomas and promotes brain and ...
    • β-Catenin signaling is a critical event in ErbB2-mediated mammary tumor progression. 

      Schade, B; Lesurf, R; Sanguin-Gendreau, V; Bui, T; Deblois, G; O'Toole, SA; Millar, EKA; Zardawi, SJ; Lopez-Knowles, E; Sutherland, RL; Giguère, V; Kahn, M; Hallett, M; Muller, WJ (2013-07)
      Although ERBB2 amplification and overexpression is correlated with poor outcome in breast cancer, the molecular mechanisms underlying the aggressive nature of these tumors has not been fully elucidated. To investigate this ...