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    • Breast reconstruction and post-mastectomy radiation practice 

      Chen, SA; Hiley, C; Nickleach, D; Petsuksiri, J; Andic, F; Riesterer, O; Switchenko, JM; Torres, MA (BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, 2013-03-02)
      Purpose: The goal of this study was to explore the perspectives and practice of radiation oncologists who treat breast cancer patients who have had breast reconstruction. Methods: In 2010, an original electronic survey was ...
    • Deciphering intratumor heterogeneity and temporal acquisition of driver events to refine precision medicine 

      Hiley, C; de Bruin, EC; McGranahan, N; Swanton, C (BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, 2014)
      The presence of multiple subclones within tumors mandates understanding of longitudinal and spatial subclonal dynamics. Resolving the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of subclones with cancer driver events may offer ...