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    • "I was seen by a radiologist, but unfortunately I can't remember the name and I still have questions. What should I do?" Radiologists should give thoughts to improve service professionalism and patient esteem. 

      Gutzeit, A; Fischmann, A; Forstner, R; Goette, R; Herzog, B; Kurtz, C; Hebler, C; Ladinger, A; Froehlich, JM; Blautzik, J; Kolokythas, O; Matoori, S; Kos, S; Reischauer, C; Schefer, H; Dubsky, P; Gampenrieder, SP; Hergan, K; Gaissmaier, W; Koh, D-M; Meissnitzer, M (2020-02-13)
      BACKGROUND:The aim of the study is to investigate how well patients remember the radiologist's name after a radiological examination, and whether giving the patient a business card improves the patient's perception of the ...
    • <i>ATMIN</i> Is a Tumor Suppressor Gene in Lung Adenocarcinoma. 

      Foster, H; Ruiz, EJ; Moore, C; Stamp, GWH; Nye, EL; Li, N; Pan, Y; He, Y; Downward, J; Behrens, A (2019-10)
      Tumor cells proliferate rapidly and thus are frequently subjected to replication stress and the risk of incomplete duplication of the genome. Fragile sites are replicated late, making them more vulnerable to damage when ...
    • <i>BRCA2</i> Hypomorphic Missense Variants Confer Moderate Risks of Breast Cancer. 

      Shimelis, H; Mesman, RLS; Von Nicolai, C; Ehlen, A; Guidugli, L; Martin, C; Calléja, FMGR; Meeks, H; Hallberg, E; Hinton, J; Lilyquist, J; Hu, C; Aalfs, CM; Aittomäki, K; Andrulis, I; Anton-Culver, H; Arndt, V; Beckmann, MW; Benitez, J; Bogdanova, NV; Bojesen, SE; Bolla, MK; Borresen-Dale, A-L; Brauch, H; Brennan, P; Brenner, H; Broeks, A; Brouwers, B; Brüning, T; Burwinkel, B; Chang-Claude, J; Chenevix-Trench, G; Cheng, C-Y; Choi, J-Y; Collée, JM; Cox, A; Cross, SS; Czene, K; Darabi, H; Dennis, J; Dörk, T; Dos-Santos-Silva, I; Dunning, AM; Fasching, PA; Figueroa, J; Flyger, H; García-Closas, M; Giles, GG; Glendon, G; Guénel, P; Haiman, CA; Hall, P; Hamann, U; Hartman, M; Hogervorst, FB; Hollestelle, A; Hopper, JL; Ito, H; Jakubowska, A; Kang, D; Kosma, V-M; Kristensen, V; Lai, K-N; Lambrechts, D; Marchand, LL; Li, J; Lindblom, A; Lophatananon, A; Lubinski, J; Machackova, E; Mannermaa, A; Margolin, S; Marme, F; Matsuo, K; Miao, H; Michailidou, K; Milne, RL; Muir, K; Neuhausen, SL; Nevanlinna, H; Olson, JE; Olswold, C; Oosterwijk, JJC; Osorio, A; Peterlongo, P; Peto, J; Pharoah, PDP; Pylkäs, K; Radice, P; Rashid, MU; Rhenius, V; Rudolph, A; Sangrajrang, S; Sawyer, EJ; Schmidt, MK; Schoemaker, MJ; Seynaeve, C; Shah, M; Shen, C-Y; Shrubsole, M; Shu, X-O; Slager, S; Southey, MC; Stram, DO; Swerdlow, A; Teo, SH; Tomlinson, I; Torres, D; Truong, T; van Asperen, CJ; van der Kolk, LE; Wang, Q; Winqvist, R; Wu, AH; Yu, J-C; Zheng, W; Zheng, Y; Leary, J; Walker, L; Foretova, L; Fostira, F; Claes, KBM; Varesco, L; Moghadasi, S; Easton, DF; Spurdle, A; Devilee, P; Vrieling, H; Monteiro, ANA; Goldgar, DE; Carreira, A; Vreeswijk, MPG; Couch, FJ; for kConFab/AOCS Investigators; for NBCS Collaborators (2017-06)
      Breast cancer risks conferred by many germline missense variants in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, often referred to as variants of uncertain significance (VUS), have not been established. In this study, associations between ...
    • <i>De novo</i> phosphatidylcholine synthesis is required for autophagosome membrane formation and maintenance during autophagy. 

      Andrejeva, G; Gowan, S; Lin, G; Wong Te Fong, A-CL; Shamsaei, E; Parkes, HG; Mui, J; Raynaud, FI; Asad, Y; Vizcay-Barrena, G; Nikitorowicz-Buniak, J; Valenti, M; Howell, L; Fleck, RA; Martin, L-A; Kirkin, V; Leach, MO; Chung, Y-L (2020-06)
      Macroautophagy/autophagy can enable cancer cells to withstand cellular stress and maintain bioenergetic homeostasis by sequestering cellular components into newly formed double-membrane vesicles destined for lysosomal ...
    • <i>ESR1</i> Mutations and Overall Survival on Fulvestrant versus Exemestane in Advanced Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer: A Combined Analysis of the Phase III SoFEA and EFECT Trials. 

      Turner, NC; Swift, C; Kilburn, L; Fribbens, C; Beaney, M; Garcia-Murillas, I; Budzar, AU; Robertson, JFR; Gradishar, W; Piccart, M; Schiavon, G; Bliss, JM; Dowsett, M; Johnston, SRD; Chia, SK (2020-10)
      Purpose <i>ESR1</i> mutations are acquired frequently in hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer after prior aromatase inhibitors. We assessed the clinical utility of baseline <i>ESR1</i> circulating tumor DNA ...
    • <i>ESR1</i> mutations in metastatic lobular breast cancer patients. 

      Desmedt, C; Pingitore, J; Rothé, F; Marchio, C; Clatot, F; Rouas, G; Richard, F; Bertucci, F; Mariani, O; Galant, C; Fribbens, C; O'Leary, B; van den Eynden, G; Salgado, R; Turner, NC; Piccart, M; Vincent-Salomon, A; Pruneri, G; Larsimont, D; Sotiriou, C (2019-01)
      Invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC) represents the second most common histology of breast cancer after invasive ductal breast cancer (IDC), accounts for up to 15% of all invasive cases and generally express the estrogen ...
    • <i>In Vivo</i> Modeling of Chemoresistant Neuroblastoma Provides New Insights into Chemorefractory Disease and Metastasis. 

      Yogev, O; Almeida, GS; Barker, KT; George, SL; Kwok, C; Campbell, J; Zarowiecki, M; Kleftogiannis, D; Smith, LM; Hallsworth, A; Berry, P; Möcklinghoff, T; Webber, HT; Danielson, LS; Buttery, B; Calton, EA; da Costa, BM; Poon, E; Jamin, Y; Lise, S; Veal, GJ; Sebire, N; Robinson, SP; Anderson, J; Chesler, L (2019-10)
      Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that is frequently metastatic and resistant to conventional treatment. In part, a lack of natively metastatic, chemoresistant in vivo models has limited our insight into the development ...
    • <i>In vivo</i> reprogramming of non-mammary cells to an epithelial cell fate is independent of amphiregulin signaling. 

      George, AL; Boulanger, CA; Anderson, LH; Cagnet, S; Brisken, C; Smith, GH
      Amphiregulin (AREG) -/- mice demonstrate impaired mammary development and form only rudimentary ductal epithelial trees; however, AREG -/- glands are still capable of undergoing alveologenesis and lactogenesis during ...
    • <i>PHIP</i> - a novel candidate breast cancer susceptibility locus on 6q14.1. 

      Jiao, X; Aravidis, C; Marikkannu, R; Rantala, J; Picelli, S; Adamovic, T; Liu, T; Maguire, P; Kremeyer, B; Luo, L; von Holst, S; Kontham, V; Thutkawkorapin, J; Margolin, S; Du, Q; Lundin, J; Michailidou, K; Bolla, MK; Wang, Q; Dennis, J; Lush, M; Ambrosone, CB; Andrulis, IL; Anton-Culver, H; Antonenkova, NN; Arndt, V; Beckmann, MW; Blomqvist, C; Blot, W; Boeckx, B; Bojesen, SE; Bonanni, B; Brand, JS; Brauch, H; Brenner, H; Broeks, A; Brüning, T; Burwinkel, B; Cai, Q; Chang-Claude, J; NBCS Collaborators; Couch, FJ; Cox, A; Cross, SS; Deming-Halverson, SL; Devilee, P; Dos-Santos-Silva, I; Dörk, T; Eriksson, M; Fasching, PA; Figueroa, J; Flesch-Janys, D; Flyger, H; Gabrielson, M; García-Closas, M; Giles, GG; González-Neira, A; Guénel, P; Guo, Q; Gündert, M; Haiman, CA; Hallberg, E; Hamann, U; Harrington, P; Hooning, MJ; Hopper, JL; Huang, G; Jakubowska, A; Jones, ME; Kerin, MJ; Kosma, V-M; Kristensen, VN; Lambrechts, D; Le Marchand, L; Lubinski, J; Mannermaa, A; Martens, JWM; Meindl, A; Milne, RL; Mulligan, AM; Neuhausen, SL; Nevanlinna, H; Peto, J; Pylkäs, K; Radice, P; Rhenius, V; Sawyer, EJ; Schmidt, MK; Schmutzler, RK; Seynaeve, C; Shah, M; Simard, J; Southey, MC; Swerdlow, AJ; Truong, T; Wendt, C; Winqvist, R; Zheng, W; kConFab/AOCS Investigators; Benitez, J; Dunning, AM; Pharoah, PDP; Easton, DF; Czene, K; Hall, P; Lindblom, A (2017-11)
      Most non- BRCA1/2 breast cancer families have no identified genetic cause. We used linkage and haplotype analyses in familial and sporadic breast cancer cases to identify a susceptibility locus on chromosome 6q. Two ...
    • <i>SOX9</i> is a driver of aggressive prostate cancer by promoting invasion, cell fate and cytoskeleton alterations and epithelial to mesenchymal transition. 

      Francis, JC; Capper, A; Ning, J; Knight, E; de Bono, J; Swain, A (2018-01-10)
      Aggressive lethal prostate cancer is characterised by tumour invasion, metastasis and androgen resistance. Understanding the mechanisms by which localised disease progresses to advanced lethal stages is key to the development ...
    • Ibrutinib in combination with nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine for first-line treatment of patients with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma: phase III RESOLVE study. 

      Tempero, M; Oh, D-Y; Tabernero, J; Reni, M; Van Cutsem, E; Hendifar, A; Waldschmidt, D-T; Starling, N; Bachet, J-B; Chang, H-M; Maurel, J; Garcia-Carbonero, R; Lonardi, S; Coussens, LM; Fong, L; Tsao, LC; Cole, G; James, D; Macarulla, T
      Background First-line treatment of metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) includes nab-paclitaxel/gemcitabine. Ibrutinib, a Bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor, exhibits antitumor activity through tumor ...
    • Ibrutinib in previously treated chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients with autoimmune cytopenias in the RESONATE study 

      Montillo, M; O'Brien, S; Tedeschi, A; Byrd, JC; Dearden, C; Gill, D; Brown, JR; Barrientos, JC; Mulligan, SP; Furman, RR; Cymbalista, F; Plascencia, C; Chang, S; Hsu, E; James, DF; Hillmen, P (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-02)
    • Ibrutinib versus Ofatumumab in Previously Treated Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia 

      Dearden, Claire (2014-07)
      Background In patients with chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL) or small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL), a short duration of response to therapy or adverse cytogenetic abnormalities are associated with a poor outcome. We evaluated ...
    • ICR142 Benchmarker: evaluating, optimising and benchmarking variant calling performance using the ICR142 NGS validation series. 

      Ruark, E; Holt, E; Renwick, A; Münz, M; Wakeling, M; Ellard, S; Mahamdallie, S; Yost, S; Rahman, N (2018-01)
      Evaluating, optimising and benchmarking of next generation sequencing (NGS) variant calling performance are essential requirements for clinical, commercial and academic NGS pipelines. Such assessments should be performed ...
    • Identification and assessment of health-related quality of life issues in patients with sporadic desmoid-type fibromatosis: a literature review and focus group study. 

      Timbergen, MJM; van de Poll-Franse, LV; Grünhagen, DJ; van der Graaf, WT; Sleijfer, S; Verhoef, C; Husson, O (2018-12)
      Purpose Sporadic desmoid-type fibromatosis (DTF) is a rare, chronic, non-metastasising, disease of the soft tissues. It is characterised by local invasive and unpredictable growth behaviour and a high propensity of local ...
    • Identification and Characterization of Novel Receptor-Interacting Serine/Threonine-Protein Kinase 2 Inhibitors Using Structural Similarity Analysis. 

      Salla, M; Aguayo-Ortiz, R; Aguayo-Ortiz, R; Danmaliki, GI; Zare, A; Said, A; Moore, J; Pandya, V; Manaloor, R; Fong, S; Blankstein, AR; Gibson, SB; Garcia, LR; Meier, P; Bhullar, KS; Hubbard, BP; Fiteh, Y; Vliagoftis, H; Goping, IS; Brocks, D; Hwang, P; Velázquez-Martínez, CA; Baksh, S (2018-05)
      Receptor-interacting protein kinase 2 (RIP2 or RICK, herein referred to as RIPK2) is linked to the pathogen pathway that activates nuclear factor κ-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells (NFκB) and autophagic activation. ...
    • Identification of 12 new susceptibility loci for different histotypes of epithelial ovarian cancer. 

      Phelan, CM; Kuchenbaecker, KB; Tyrer, JP; Kar, SP; Lawrenson, K; Winham, SJ; Dennis, J; Pirie, A; Riggan, MJ; Chornokur, G; Earp, MA; Lyra, PC; Lee, JM; Coetzee, S; Beesley, J; McGuffog, L; Soucy, P; Dicks, E; Lee, A; Barrowdale, D; Lecarpentier, J; Leslie, G; Aalfs, CM; Aben, KKH; Adams, M; Adlard, J; Andrulis, IL; Anton-Culver, H; Antonenkova, N; AOCS study group; Aravantinos, G; Arnold, N; Arun, BK; Arver, B; Azzollini, J; Balmaña, J; Banerjee, SN; Barjhoux, L; Barkardottir, RB; Bean, Y; Beckmann, MW; Beeghly-Fadiel, A; Benitez, J; Bermisheva, M; Bernardini, MQ; Birrer, MJ; Bjorge, L; Black, A; Blankstein, K; Blok, MJ; Bodelon, C; Bogdanova, N; Bojesen, A; Bonanni, B; Borg, Å; Bradbury, AR; Brenton, JD; Brewer, C; Brinton, L; Broberg, P; Brooks-Wilson, A; Bruinsma, F; Brunet, J; Buecher, B; Butzow, R; Buys, SS; Caldes, T; Caligo, MA; Campbell, I; Cannioto, R; Carney, ME; Cescon, T; Chan, SB; Chang-Claude, J; Chanock, S; Chen, XQ; Chiew, Y-E; Chiquette, J; Chung, WK; Claes, KBM; Conner, T; Cook, LS; Cook, J; Cramer, DW; Cunningham, JM; D'Aloisio, AA; Daly, MB; Damiola, F; Damirovna, SD; Dansonka-Mieszkowska, A; Dao, F; Davidson, R; DeFazio, A; Delnatte, C; Doheny, KF; Diez, O; Ding, YC; Doherty, JA; Domchek, SM; Dorfling, CM; Dörk, T; Dossus, L; Duran, M; Dürst, M; Dworniczak, B; Eccles, D; Edwards, T; Eeles, R; Eilber, U; Ejlertsen, B; Ekici, AB; Ellis, S; Elvira, M; EMBRACE Study; Eng, KH; Engel, C; Evans, DG; Fasching, PA; Ferguson, S; Ferrer, SF; Flanagan, JM; Fogarty, ZC; Fortner, RT; Fostira, F; Foulkes, WD; Fountzilas, G; Fridley, BL; Friebel, TM; Friedman, E; Frost, D; Ganz, PA; Garber, J; García, MJ; Garcia-Barberan, V; Gehrig, A; GEMO Study Collaborators; Gentry-Maharaj, A; Gerdes, A-M; Giles, GG; Glasspool, R; Glendon, G; Godwin, AK; Goldgar, DE; Goranova, T; Gore, M; Greene, MH; Gronwald, J; Gruber, S; Hahnen, E; Haiman, CA; Håkansson, N; Hamann, U; Hansen, TVO; Harrington, PA; Harris, HR; Hauke, J; HEBON Study; Hein, A; Henderson, A; Hildebrandt, MAT; Hillemanns, P; Hodgson, S; Høgdall, CK; Høgdall, E; Hogervorst, FBL; Holland, H; Hooning, MJ; Hosking, K; Huang, R-Y; Hulick, PJ; Hung, J; Hunter, DJ; Huntsman, DG; Huzarski, T; Imyanitov, EN; Isaacs, C; Iversen, ES; Izatt, L; Izquierdo, A; Jakubowska, A; James, P; Janavicius, R; Jernetz, M; Jensen, A; Jensen, UB; John, EM; Johnatty, S; Jones, ME; Kannisto, P; Karlan, BY; Karnezis, A; Kast, K; KConFab Investigators; Kennedy, CJ; Khusnutdinova, E; Kiemeney, LA; Kiiski, JI; Kim, S-W; Kjaer, SK; Köbel, M; Kopperud, RK; Kruse, TA; Kupryjanczyk, J; Kwong, A; Laitman, Y; Lambrechts, D; Larrañaga, N; Larson, MC; Lazaro, C; Le, ND; Le Marchand, L; Lee, JW; Lele, SB; Leminen, A; Leroux, D; Lester, J; Lesueur, F; Levine, DA; Liang, D; Liebrich, C; Lilyquist, J; Lipworth, L; Lissowska, J; Lu, KH; Lubinński, J; Luccarini, C; Lundvall, L; Mai, PL; Mendoza-Fandiño, G; Manoukian, S; Massuger, LFAG; May, T; Mazoyer, S; McAlpine, JN; McGuire, V; McLaughlin, JR; McNeish, I; Meijers-Heijboer, H; Meindl, A; Menon, U; Mensenkamp, AR; Merritt, MA; Milne, RL; Mitchell, G; Modugno, F; Moes-Sosnowska, J; Moffitt, M; Montagna, M; Moysich, KB; Mulligan, AM; Musinsky, J; Nathanson, KL; Nedergaard, L; Ness, RB; Neuhausen, SL; Nevanlinna, H; Niederacher, D; Nussbaum, RL; Odunsi, K; Olah, E; Olopade, OI; Olsson, H; Olswold, C; O'Malley, DM; Ong, K-R; Onland-Moret, NC; OPAL study group; Orr, N; Orsulic, S; Osorio, A; Palli, D; Papi, L; Park-Simon, T-W; Paul, J; Pearce, CL; Pedersen, IS; Peeters, PHM; Peissel, B; Peixoto, A; Pejovic, T; Pelttari, LM; Permuth, JB; Peterlongo, P; Pezzani, L; Pfeiler, G; Phillips, K-A; Piedmonte, M; Pike, MC; Piskorz, AM; Poblete, SR; Pocza, T; Poole, EM; Poppe, B; Porteous, ME; Prieur, F; Prokofyeva, D; Pugh, E; Pujana, MA; Pujol, P; Radice, P; Rantala, J; Rappaport-Fuerhauser, C; Rennert, G; Rhiem, K; Rice, P; Richardson, A; Robson, M; Rodriguez, GC; Rodríguez-Antona, C; Romm, J; Rookus, MA; Rossing, MA; Rothstein, JH; Rudolph, A; Runnebaum, IB; Salvesen, HB; Sandler, DP; Schoemaker, MJ; Senter, L; Setiawan, VW; Severi, G; Sharma, P; Shelford, T; Siddiqui, N; Side, LE; Sieh, W; Singer, CF; Sobol, H; Song, H; Southey, MC; Spurdle, AB; Stadler, Z; Steinemann, D; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D; Sucheston-Campbell, LE; Sukiennicki, G; Sutphen, R; Sutter, C; Swerdlow, AJ; Szabo, CI; Szafron, L; Tan, YY; Taylor, JA; Tea, M-K; Teixeira, MR; Teo, S-H; Terry, KL; Thompson, PJ; Thomsen, LCV; Thull, DL; Tihomirova, L; Tinker, AV; Tischkowitz, M; Tognazzo, S; Toland, AE; Tone, A; Trabert, B; Travis, RC; Trichopoulou, A; Tung, N; Tworoger, SS; van Altena, AM; Van Den Berg, D; van der Hout, AH; van der Luijt, RB; Van Heetvelde, M; Van Nieuwenhuysen, E; van Rensburg, EJ; Vanderstichele, A; Varon-Mateeva, R; Vega, A; Edwards, DV; Vergote, I; Vierkant, RA; Vijai, J; Vratimos, A; Walker, L; Walsh, C; Wand, D; Wang-Gohrke, S; Wappenschmidt, B; Webb, PM; Weinberg, CR; Weitzel, JN; Wentzensen, N; Whittemore, AS; Wijnen, JT; Wilkens, LR; Wolk, A; Woo, M; Wu, X; Wu, AH; Yang, H; Yannoukakos, D; Ziogas, A; Zorn, KK; Narod, SA; Easton, DF; Amos, CI; Schildkraut, JM; Ramus, SJ; Ottini, L; Goodman, MT; Park, SK; Kelemen, LE; Risch, HA; Thomassen, M; Offit, K; Simard, J; Schmutzler, RK; Hazelett, D; Monteiro, AN; Couch, FJ; Berchuck, A; Chenevix-Trench, G; Goode, EL; Sellers, TA; Gayther, SA; Antoniou, AC; Pharoah, PDP (2017-05)
      To identify common alleles associated with different histotypes of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), we pooled data from multiple genome-wide genotyping projects totaling 25,509 EOC cases and 40,941 controls. We identified ...
    • Identification of 19 new risk loci and potential regulatory mechanisms influencing susceptibility to testicular germ cell tumor. 

      Litchfield, K; Levy, M; Orlando, G; Loveday, C; Law, PJ; Migliorini, G; Holroyd, A; Broderick, P; Karlsson, R; Haugen, TB; Kristiansen, W; Nsengimana, J; Fenwick, K; Assiotis, I; Kote-Jarai, Z; Dunning, AM; Muir, K; Peto, J; Eeles, R; Easton, DF; Dudakia, D; Orr, N; Pashayan, N; UK Testicular Cancer Collaboration; PRACTICAL Consortium; Bishop, DT; Reid, A; Huddart, RA; Shipley, J; Grotmol, T; Wiklund, F; Houlston, RS; Turnbull, C (2017-07)
      Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have transformed understanding of susceptibility to testicular germ cell tumors (TGCTs), but much of the heritability remains unexplained. Here we report a new GWAS, a meta-analysis ...
    • Identification of 22 susceptibility loci associated with testicular germ cell tumors. 

      Pluta, J; Pyle, LC; Nead, KT; Wilf, R; Li, M; Mitra, N; Weathers, B; D'Andrea, K; Almstrup, K; Anson-Cartwright, L; Benitez, J; Brown, CD; Chanock, S; Chen, C; Cortessis, VK; Ferlin, A; Foresta, C; Gamulin, M; Gietema, JA; Grasso, C; Greene, MH; Grotmol, T; Hamilton, RJ; Haugen, TB; Hauser, R; Hildebrandt, MAT; Johnson, ME; Karlsson, R; Kiemeney, LA; Lessel, D; Lothe, RA; Loud, JT; Loveday, C; Martin-Gimeno, P; Meijer, C; Nsengimana, J; Quinn, DI; Rafnar, T; Ramdas, S; Richiardi, L; Skotheim, RI; Stefansson, K; Turnbull, C; Vaughn, DJ; Wiklund, F; Wu, X; Yang, D; Zheng, T; Wells, AD; Grant, SFA; Rajpert-De Meyts, E; Schwartz, SM; Bishop, DT; McGlynn, KA; Kanetsky, PA; Nathanson, KL; Testicular Cancer Consortium (2021-07-23)
      Testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT) are the most common tumor in young white men and have a high heritability. In this study, the international Testicular Cancer Consortium assemble 10,156 and 179,683 men with and without ...
    • Identification of a novel genetic locus associated with immune mediated thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. 

      Stubbs, MJ; Coppo, P; Cheshire, C; Veyradier, A; Dufek, S; Levine, AP; Thomas, M; Patel, V; Connolly, JO; Hubank, M; Benhamou, Y; Galicier, L; Poullin, P; Kleta, R; Gale, DP; Stanescu, H; Scully, MA (2021-02-18)
      Not available.