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    • A multiple myeloma classification system that associates normal B-cell subset phenotypes with prognosis. 

      Bødker, JS; Brøndum, RF; Schmitz, A; Schönherz, AA; Jespersen, DS; Sønderkær, M; Vesteghem, C; Due, H; Nørgaard, CH; Perez-Andres, M; Samur, MK; Davies, F; Walker, B; Pawlyn, C; Kaiser, M; Johnson, D; Bertsch, U; Broyl, A; van Duin, M; Shah, R; Johansen, P; Nørgaard, MA; Samworth, RJ; Sonneveld, P; Goldschmidt, H; Morgan, GJ; Orfao, A; Munshi, N; Johnson, HE; El-Galaly, T; Dybkær, K; Bøgsted, M (2018-09-25)
      Despite the recent progress in treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), it is still an incurable malignant disease, and we are therefore in need of new risk stratification tools that can help us to understand the disease and ...
    • Neutral tumor evolution in myeloma is associated with poor prognosis. 

      Johnson, DC; Lenive, O; Mitchell, J; Jackson, G; Owen, R; Drayson, M; Cook, G; Jones, JR; Pawlyn, C; Davies, FE; Walker, BA; Wardell, C; Gregory, WM; Cairns, D; Morgan, GJ; Houlston, RS; Kaiser, MF (2017-10-05)
      Recent studies suggest that the evolutionary history of a cancer is important in forecasting clinical outlook. To gain insight into the clonal dynamics of multiple myeloma (MM) and its possible influence on patient outcomes, ...
    • The Spectrum and Clinical Impact of Epigenetic Modifier Mutations in Myeloma. 

      Pawlyn, C; Kaiser, MF; Heuck, C; Melchor, L; Wardell, CP; Murison, A; Chavan, SS; Johnson, DC; Begum, DB; Dahir, NM; Proszek, PZ; Cairns, DA; Boyle, EM; Jones, JR; Cook, G; Drayson, MT; Owen, RG; Gregory, WM; Jackson, GH; Barlogie, B; Davies, FE; Walker, BA; Morgan, GJ (2016-12-01)
      PURPOSE: Epigenetic dysregulation is known to be an important contributor to myeloma pathogenesis but, unlike other B-cell malignancies, the full spectrum of somatic mutations in epigenetic modifiers has not been reported ...