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    • Demonstrating In-Cell Target Engagement Using a Pirin Protein Degradation Probe (CCT367766). 

      Chessum, NEA; Sharp, SY; Caldwell, JJ; Pasqua, AE; Wilding, B; Colombano, G; Collins, I; Ozer, B; Richards, M; Rowlands, M; Stubbs, M; Burke, R; McAndrew, PC; Clarke, PA; Workman, P; Cheeseman, MD; Jones, K (2018-02-08)
      Demonstrating intracellular protein target engagement is an essential step in the development and progression of new chemical probes and potential small molecule therapeutics. However, this can be particularly challenging ...
    • Discovery of a Chemical Probe Bisamide (CCT251236): An Orally Bioavailable Efficacious Pirin Ligand from a Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 (HSF1) Phenotypic Screen. 

      Cheeseman, MD; Chessum, NEA; Rye, CS; Pasqua, AE; Tucker, MJ; Wilding, B; Evans, LE; Lepri, S; Richards, M; Sharp, SY; Ali, S; Rowlands, M; O'Fee, L; Miah, A; Hayes, A; Henley, AT; Powers, M; Te Poele, R; De Billy, E; Pellegrino, L; Raynaud, F; Burke, R; van Montfort, RLM; Eccles, SA; Workman, P; Jones, K (2017-01-12)
      Phenotypic screens, which focus on measuring and quantifying discrete cellular changes rather than affinity for individual recombinant proteins, have recently attracted renewed interest as an efficient strategy for drug ...
    • HSF1 Is Essential for Myeloma Cell Survival and A Promising Therapeutic Target. 

      Fok, JHL; Hedayat, S; Zhang, L; Aronson, LI; Mirabella, F; Pawlyn, C; Bright, MD; Wardell, CP; Keats, JJ; De Billy, E; Rye, CS; Chessum, NEA; Jones, K; Morgan, GJ; Eccles, SA; Workman, P; Davies, FE (2018-05-15)
      Purpose: Myeloma is a plasma cell malignancy characterized by the overproduction of immunoglobulin, and is therefore susceptible to therapies targeting protein homeostasis. We hypothesized that heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) ...