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    • GDNF-RET signaling in ER-positive breast cancers is a key determinant of response and resistance to aromatase inhibitors. 

      Morandi, A; Martin, LA; Gao, Q; Pancholi, S; Mackay, A; Robertson, D; Zvelebil, M; Dowsett, M; Plaza-Menacho, I; Isacke, CM (2013-06)
      Most breast cancers at diagnosis are estrogen receptor-positive (ER(+)) and depend on estrogen for growth and survival. Blocking estrogen biosynthesis by aromatase inhibitors has therefore become a first-line endocrine ...
    • MoKCa database--mutations of kinases in cancer. 

      Richardson, CJ; Gao, Q; Mitsopoulous, C; Zvelebil, M; Pearl, LH; Pearl, FM (2009-01)
      Members of the protein kinase family are amongst the most commonly mutated genes in human cancer, and both mutated and activated protein kinases have proved to be tractable targets for the development of new anticancer ...