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    • Feasibility of magnetic resonance guided radiotherapy for the treatment of bladder cancer. 

      Hunt, A; Hanson, I; Dunlop, A; Barnes, H; Bower, L; Chick, J; Cruickshank, C; Hall, E; Herbert, T; Lawes, R; McQuaid, D; McNair, H; Mitchell, A; Mohajer, J; Morgan, T; Oelfke, U; Smith, G; Nill, S; Huddart, R; Hafeez, S (2020-11)
      Whole bladder magnetic resonance image-guided radiotherapy using the 1.5 Telsa MR-linac is feasible. Full online adaptive planning workflow based on the anatomy seen at each fraction was performed. This was delivered within ...
    • Introducing the Cancer Research UK Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies Network (ART-NET). 

      Harrington, K; Hall, E; Hawkins, M; Henry, A; MacKay, R; Maughan, T; McDonald, A; Nutting, C; Oelfke, U; Sebag-Montefiore, D; Sharma, RA; van Herk, M; Faivre-Finn, C; ART-NET Steering Committee (2017-11)
    • The MOMENTUM Study: An International Registry for the Evidence-Based Introduction of MR-Guided Adaptive Therapy. 

      de Mol van Otterloo, SR; Christodouleas, JP; Blezer, ELA; Akhiat, H; Brown, K; Choudhury, A; Eggert, D; Erickson, BA; Faivre-Finn, C; Fuller, CD; Goldwein, J; Hafeez, S; Hall, E; Harrington, KJ; van der Heide, UA; Huddart, RA; Intven, MPW; Kirby, AM; Lalondrelle, S; McCann, C; Minsky, BD; Mook, S; Nowee, ME; Oelfke, U; Orrling, K; Sahgal, A; Sarmiento, JG; Schultz, CJ; Tersteeg, RJHA; Tijssen, RHN; Tree, AC; van Triest, B; Hall, WA; Verkooijen, HM (2020-01)
      <b>Purpose:</b> MR-guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT) allows for high-precision radiotherapy under real-time MR visualization. This enables margin reduction and subsequent dose escalation which may lead to higher tumor control ...