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    • The landscape of RNA polymerase II-associated chromatin interactions in prostate cancer. 

      Ramanand, SG; Chen, Y; Yuan, J; Daescu, K; Lambros, MB; Houlahan, KE; Carreira, S; Yuan, W; Baek, G; Sharp, A; Paschalis, A; Kanchwala, M; Gao, Y; Aslam, A; Safdar, N; Zhan, X; Raj, GV; Xing, C; Boutros, PC; de Bono, J; Zhang, MQ; Mani, RS (2020-08)
      Transcriptional dysregulation is a hallmark of prostate cancer (PCa). We mapped the RNA polymerase II-associated (RNA Pol II-associated) chromatin interactions in normal prostate cells and PCa cells. We discovered thousands ...