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    • Genomic profile of advanced breast cancer in circulating tumour DNA. 

      Kingston, B; Cutts, RJ; Bye, H; Beaney, M; Walsh-Crestani, G; Hrebien, S; Swift, C; Kilburn, LS; Kernaghan, S; Moretti, L; Wilkinson, K; Wardley, AM; Macpherson, IR; Baird, RD; Roylance, R; Reis-Filho, JS; Hubank, M; Faull, I; Banks, KC; Lanman, RB; Garcia-Murillas, I; Bliss, JM; Ring, A; Turner, NC (2021-04-23)
      The genomics of advanced breast cancer (ABC) has been described through tumour tissue biopsy sequencing, although these approaches are limited by geographical and temporal heterogeneity. Here we use plasma circulating ...
    • Treatment and prognosis of leptomeningeal disease secondary to metastatic breast cancer: A single-centre experience. 

      Kingston, B; Kayhanian, H; Brooks, C; Cox, N; Chaabouni, N; Redana, S; Kalaitzaki, E; Smith, I; O'Brien, M; Johnston, S; Parton, M; Noble, J; Stanway, S; Ring, A; Turner, N; Okines, A (2017-12)
      Purpose Leptomeningeal disease (LMD) is an uncommon complication of advanced breast cancer. The prognosis is poor, and although radiotherapy (RT), systemic and intra-thecal (IT) chemotherapy are accepted treatment modalities, ...