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    • ATR inhibitors as a synthetic lethal therapy for tumours deficient in ARID1A. 

      Williamson, CT; Miller, R; Pemberton, HN; Jones, SE; Campbell, J; Konde, A; Badham, N; Rafiq, R; Brough, R; Gulati, A; Ryan, CJ; Francis, J; Vermulen, PB; Reynolds, AR; Reaper, PM; Pollard, JR; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2016-12-13)
      Identifying genetic biomarkers of synthetic lethal drug sensitivity effects provides one approach to the development of targeted cancer therapies. Mutations in ARID1A represent one of the most common molecular alterations ...
    • ATR Is a Therapeutic Target in Synovial Sarcoma. 

      Jones, SE; Fleuren, EDG; Frankum, J; Konde, A; Williamson, CT; Krastev, DB; Pemberton, HN; Campbell, J; Gulati, A; Elliott, R; Menon, M; Selfe, JL; Brough, R; Pettitt, SJ; Niedzwiedz, W; van der Graaf, WTA; Shipley, J; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2017-12)
      Synovial sarcoma (SS) is an aggressive soft-tissue malignancy characterized by expression of SS18-SSX fusions, where treatment options are limited. To identify therapeutically actionable genetic dependencies in SS, we ...