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    • Analytical Validation and Clinical Qualification of a New Immunohistochemical Assay for Androgen Receptor Splice Variant-7 Protein Expression in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer 

      Welti, J; Rodrigues, DN; Sharp, A; Sun, S; Lorente, D; Riisnaes, R; Figueiredo, I; Zafeiriou, Z; Rescigno, P; de Bono, JS; Plymate, SR (2016-10)
    • Analytical Validation and Clinical Qualification of a New Immunohistochemical Assay for Androgen Receptor Splice Variant-7 Protein Expression in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer. 

      Welti, J; Rodrigues, DN; Sharp, A; Sun, S; Lorente, D; Riisnaes, R; Figueiredo, I; Zafeiriou, Z; Rescigno, P; de Bono, JS; Plymate, SR (2016-10)
      BACKGROUND:The androgen receptor splice variant-7 (AR-V7) has been implicated in the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and resistance to abiraterone and enzalutamide. OBJECTIVE:To develop a validated ...
    • CHD1 loss sensitizes prostate cancer to DNA damaging therapy by promoting error-prone double-strand break repair. 

      Shenoy, TR; Boysen, G; Wang, MY; Xu, QZ; Guo, W; Koh, FM; Wang, C; Zhang, LZ; Wang, Y; Gil, V; Aziz, S; Christova, R; Rodrigues, DN; Crespo, M; Rescigno, P; Tunariu, N; Riisnaes, R; Zafeiriou, Z; Flohr, P; Yuan, W; Knight, E; Swain, A; Ramalho-Santos, M; Xu, DY; de Bono, J; Wu, H (2017-07)
      Background:Deletion of the chromatin remodeler chromodomain helicase DNA-binding protein 1 (CHD1) is a common genomic alteration found in human prostate cancers (PCas). CHD1 loss represents a distinct PCa subtype characterized ...
    • Chemical or Surgical Castration--Is This Still an Important Question? 

      Kolinsky, M; Rescigno, P; de Bono, JS (2016-04)
    • Circulating biomarkers of neuroendocrine prostate cancer: an unmet challenge. 

      Rescigno, P; Rodrigues, DN; de Bono, JS (2017-01)
    • Circulating Cell-Free DNA to Guide Prostate Cancer Treatment with PARP Inhibition. 

      Goodall, J; Mateo, J; Yuan, W; Mossop, H; Porta, N; Miranda, S; Perez-Lopez, R; Dolling, D; Robinson, DR; Sandhu, S; Fowler, G; Ebbs, B; Flohr, P; Seed, G; Rodrigues, DN; Boysen, G; Bertan, C; Atkin, M; Clarke, M; Crespo, M; Figueiredo, I; Riisnaes, R; Sumanasuriya, S; Rescigno, P; Zafeiriou, Z; Sharp, A; Tunariu, N; Bianchini, D; Gillman, A; Lord, CJ; Hall, E; Chinnaiyan, AM; Carreira, S; de Bono, JS; TOPARP-A investigators (2017-09)
      Biomarkers for more precise patient care are needed in metastatic prostate cancer. We have reported a phase II trial (TOPARP-A) of the PARP inhibitor olaparib in metastatic prostate cancer, demonstrating antitumor activity ...
    • Clinical Outcome of Prostate Cancer Patients with Germline DNA Repair Mutations: Retrospective Analysis from an International Study. 

      Mateo, J; Cheng, HH; Beltran, H; Dolling, D; Xu, W; Pritchard, CC; Mossop, H; Rescigno, P; Perez-Lopez, R; Sailer, V; Kolinsky, M; Balasopoulou, A; Bertan, C; Nanus, DM; Tagawa, ST; Thorne, H; Montgomery, B; Carreira, S; Sandhu, S; Rubin, MA; Nelson, PS; de Bono, JS (2018-05)
      BACKGROUND:Germline DNA damage repair gene mutation (gDDRm) is found in >10% of metastatic prostate cancer (mPC). Their prognostic and predictive impact relating to standard therapies is unclear. OBJECTIVE:To determine ...
    • Clinical Utility of Circulating Tumour Cell Androgen Receptor Splice Variant-7 Status in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer. 

      Sharp, A; Welti, JC; Lambros, MBK; Dolling, D; Rodrigues, DN; Pope, L; Aversa, C; Figueiredo, I; Fraser, J; Ahmad, Z; Lu, C; Rescigno, P; Kolinsky, M; Bertan, C; Seed, G; Riisnaes, R; Miranda, S; Crespo, M; Pereira, R; Ferreira, A; Fowler, G; Ebbs, B; Flohr, P; Neeb, A; Bianchini, D; Petremolo, A; Sumanasuriya, S; Paschalis, A; Mateo, J; Tunariu, N; Yuan, W; Carreira, S; Plymate, SR; Luo, J; de Bono, JS (2019-11)
      BACKGROUND:Detection of androgen receptor splice variant-7 (AR-V7) mRNA in circulating tumour cells (CTCs) is associated with worse outcome in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). However, studies rarely ...
    • Development of Bag-1L as a therapeutic target in androgen receptor-dependent prostate cancer. 

      Cato, L; Neeb, A; Sharp, A; Buzón, V; Ficarro, SB; Yang, L; Muhle-Goll, C; Kuznik, NC; Riisnaes, R; Nava Rodrigues, D; Armant, O; Gourain, V; Adelmant, G; Ntim, EA; Westerling, T; Dolling, D; Rescigno, P; Figueiredo, I; Fauser, F; Wu, J; Rottenberg, JT; Shatkina, L; Ester, C; Luy, B; Puchta, H; Troppmair, J; Jung, N; Bräse, S; Strähle, U; Marto, JA; Nienhaus, GU; Al-Lazikani, B; Salvatella, X; de Bono, JS; Cato, AC; Brown, M (2017-08-10)
      Targeting the activation function-1 (AF-1) domain located in the N-terminus of the androgen receptor (AR) is an attractive therapeutic alternative to the current approaches to inhibit AR action in prostate cancer (PCa). ...
    • Diffusion-weighted Imaging as a Treatment Response Biomarker for Evaluating Bone Metastases in Prostate Cancer: A Pilot Study. 

      Perez-Lopez, R; Mateo, J; Mossop, H; Blackledge, MD; Collins, DJ; Rata, M; Morgan, VA; Macdonald, A; Sandhu, S; Lorente, D; Rescigno, P; Zafeiriou, Z; Bianchini, D; Porta, N; Hall, E; Leach, MO; de Bono, JS; Koh, D-M; Tunariu, N (2017-04)
      Purpose To determine the usefulness of whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) to assess the response of bone metastases to treatment in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Materials ...
    • Docetaxel Treatment in PTEN- and ERG-aberrant Metastatic Prostate Cancers. 

      Rescigno, P; Lorente, D; Dolling, D; Ferraldeschi, R; Rodrigues, DN; Riisnaes, R; Miranda, S; Bianchini, D; Zafeiriou, Z; Sideris, S; Ferreira, A; Figueiredo, I; Sumanasuriya, S; Mateo, J; Perez-Lopez, R; Sharp, A; Tunariu, N; de Bono, JS (2018-05)
      Background:Loss of PTEN is a common genomic aberration in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and is frequently concurrent with ERG rearrangements, causing resistance to next-generation hormonal treatment (NGHT) ...
    • Effect on Overall Survival of Locoregional Treatment in a Cohort of De Novo Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients: A Single Institution Retrospective Analysis From the Royal Marsden Hospital. 

      Bianchini, D; Lorente, D; Rescigno, P; Zafeiriou, Z; Psychopaida, E; O'Sullivan, H; Alaras, M; Kolinsky, M; Sumanasuriya, S; Sousa Fontes, M; Mateo, J; Perez Lopez, R; Tunariu, N; Fotiadis, N; Kumar, P; Tree, A; Van As, N; Khoo, V; Parker, C; Eeles, R; Thompson, A; Dearnaley, D; de Bono, JS (2017-10)
      The optimal management of the primary tumor in metastatic at diagnosis (M1) prostate cancer (PCa) patients is not yet established. We retrospectively evaluated the effect of locoregional treatment (LRT) on overall survival ...
    • EpCAMhigh and EpCAMlow circulating tumor cells in metastatic prostate and breast cancer patients. 

      de Wit, S; Manicone, M; Rossi, E; Lampignano, R; Yang, L; Zill, B; Rengel-Puertas, A; Ouhlen, M; Crespo, M; Berghuis, AMS; Andree, KC; Vidotto, R; Trapp, EK; Tzschaschel, M; Colomba, E; Fowler, G; Flohr, P; Rescigno, P; Fontes, MS; Zamarchi, R; Fehm, T; Neubauer, H; Rack, B; Alunni-Fabbroni, M; Farace, F; De Bono, J; IJzerman, MJ; Terstappen, LWMM (2018-11-02)
      The presence of high expressing epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAMhigh) circulating tumor cells (CTC) enumerated by CellSearch® in blood of cancer patients is strongly associated with poor prognosis. This raises the ...
    • Genomic Analysis of Three Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients with Exceptional Responses to Carboplatin Indicating Different Types of DNA Repair Deficiency. 

      Zafeiriou, Z; Bianchini, D; Chandler, R; Rescigno, P; Yuan, W; Carreira, S; Barrero, M; Petremolo, A; Miranda, S; Riisnaes, R; Rodrigues, DN; Gurel, B; Sumanasuriya, S; Paschalis, A; Sharp, A; Mateo, J; Tunariu, N; Chinnaiyan, AM; Pritchard, CC; Kelly, K; de Bono, JS (2019-01)
      Platinum-based regimens have not been proved to increase survival from advanced prostate cancer (PCa). Incontrovertible evidence that a proportion of prostate cancers have homologous recombination DNA (HRD) repair defects, ...
    • Genomic correlates of clinical outcome in advanced prostate cancer. 

      Abida, W; Cyrta, J; Heller, G; Prandi, D; Armenia, J; Coleman, I; Cieslik, M; Benelli, M; Robinson, D; Van Allen, EM; Sboner, A; Fedrizzi, T; Mosquera, JM; Robinson, BD; De Sarkar, N; Kunju, LP; Tomlins, S; Wu, YM; Nava Rodrigues, D; Loda, M; Gopalan, A; Reuter, VE; Pritchard, CC; Mateo, J; Bianchini, D; Miranda, S; Carreira, S; Rescigno, P; Filipenko, J; Vinson, J; Montgomery, RB; Beltran, H; Heath, EI; Scher, HI; Kantoff, PW; Taplin, M-E; Schultz, N; deBono, JS; Demichelis, F; Nelson, PS; Rubin, MA; Chinnaiyan, AM; Sawyers, CL (2019-06)
      Heterogeneity in the genomic landscape of metastatic prostate cancer has become apparent through several comprehensive profiling efforts, but little is known about the impact of this heterogeneity on clinical outcome. Here, ...
    • Genomics of lethal prostate cancer at diagnosis and castration resistance. 

      Mateo, J; Seed, G; Bertan, C; Rescigno, P; Dolling, D; Figueiredo, I; Miranda, S; Nava Rodrigues, D; Gurel, B; Clarke, M; Atkin, M; Chandler, R; Messina, C; Sumanasuriya, S; Bianchini, D; Barrero, M; Petermolo, A; Zafeiriou, Z; Fontes, M; Perez-Lopez, R; Tunariu, N; Fulton, B; Jones, R; McGovern, U; Ralph, C; Varughese, M; Parikh, O; Jain, S; Elliott, T; Sandhu, S; Porta, N; Hall, E; Yuan, W; Carreira, S; de Bono, JS (2020-04)
      The genomics of primary prostate cancer differ from those of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). We studied genomic aberrations in primary prostate cancer biopsies from patients who developed mCRPC, ...
    • Immunogenomic analyses associate immunological alterations with mismatch repair defects in prostate cancer. 

      Nava Rodrigues, D; Rescigno, P; Liu, D; Yuan, W; Carreira, S; Lambros, MB; Seed, G; Mateo, J; Riisnaes, R; Mullane, S; Margolis, C; Miao, D; Miranda, S; Dolling, D; Clarke, M; Bertan, C; Crespo, M; Boysen, G; Ferreira, A; Sharp, A; Figueiredo, I; Keliher, D; Aldubayan, S; Burke, KP; Sumanasuriya, S; Fontes, MS; Bianchini, D; Zafeiriou, Z; Teixeira Mendes, LS; Mouw, K; Schweizer, MT; Pritchard, CC; Salipante, S; Taplin, M-E; Beltran, H; Rubin, MA; Cieslik, M; Robinson, D; Heath, E; Schultz, N; Armenia, J; Abida, W; Scher, H; Lord, C; D'Andrea, A; Sawyers, CL; Chinnaiyan, AM; Alimonti, A; Nelson, PS; Drake, CG; Van Allen, EM; de Bono, JS (2018-10)
      BACKGROUND:Understanding the integrated immunogenomic landscape of advanced prostate cancer (APC) could impact stratified treatment selection. METHODS:Defective mismatch repair (dMMR) status was determined by either loss ...
    • Immunotherapy for lethal prostate cancer. 

      Rescigno, P; de Bono, JS (2019-02)
    • Interrogating Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment Switch Decisions: A Multi-institutional Survey. 

      Lorente, D; Ravi, P; Mehra, N; Pezaro, C; Omlin, A; Gilman, A; Miranda, M; Rescigno, P; Kolinsky, M; Porta, N; Bianchini, D; Tunariu, N; Perez, R; Mateo, J; Payne, H; Terstappen, L; IJzerman, M; Hall, E; de Bono, J (2018-03)
      BACKGROUND:Evaluation of responses to treatment for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) remains challenging. Consensus criteria based on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and clinical and radiologic ...
    • Olaparib in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer with DNA repair gene aberrations (TOPARP-B): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 2 trial. 

      Mateo, J; Porta, N; Bianchini, D; McGovern, U; Elliott, T; Jones, R; Syndikus, I; Ralph, C; Jain, S; Varughese, M; Parikh, O; Crabb, S; Robinson, A; McLaren, D; Birtle, A; Tanguay, J; Miranda, S; Figueiredo, I; Seed, G; Bertan, C; Flohr, P; Ebbs, B; Rescigno, P; Fowler, G; Ferreira, A; Riisnaes, R; Pereira, R; Curcean, A; Chandler, R; Clarke, M; Gurel, B; Crespo, M; Nava Rodrigues, D; Sandhu, S; Espinasse, A; Chatfield, P; Tunariu, N; Yuan, W; Hall, E; Carreira, S; de Bono, JS (2020-01)
      BACKGROUND:Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer is enriched in DNA damage response (DDR) gene aberrations. The TOPARP-B trial aims to prospectively validate the association between DDR gene aberrations and ...