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    • Early phase clinical trials of anticancer agents in children and adolescents - an ITCC perspective. 

      Moreno, L; Pearson, ADJ; Paoletti, X; Jimenez, I; Geoerger, B; Kearns, PR; Zwaan, CM; Doz, F; Baruchel, A; Vormoor, J; Casanova, M; Pfister, SM; Morland, B; Vassal, G; Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) Consortium (2017-08)
      In the past decade, the landscape of drug development in oncology has evolved dramatically; however, this paradigm shift remains to be adopted in early phase clinical trial designs for studies of molecularly targeted agents ...
    • Individualized 131I-mIBG therapy in the management of refractory and relapsed neuroblastoma. 

      George, SL; Falzone, N; Chittenden, S; Kirk, SJ; Lancaster, D; Vaidya, SJ; Mandeville, H; Saran, F; Pearson, ADJ; Du, Y; Meller, ST; Denis-Bacelar, AM; Flux, GD (2016-05)
      Iodine-131-labelled meta-iodobenzylguanidine (I-mIBG) therapy is an established treatment modality for relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma, most frequently administered according to fixed or weight-based criteria. We evaluate ...
    • Randomised phase II trial of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in patients with chronic arm lymphoedema after radiotherapy for cancer. 

      Gothard, L; Haviland, J; Bryson, P; Laden, G; Glover, M; Harrison, S; Woods, M; Cook, G; Peckitt, C; Pearson, A; Somaiah, N; Stanton, A; Mortimer, P; Yarnold, J (2010-10)
      BACKGROUND:A non-randomised phase II study suggested a therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy on arm lymphoedema following adjuvant radiotherapy for early breast cancer, justifying further investigation in ...