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    • CD73 Blockade Promotes Dendritic Cell Infiltration of Irradiated Tumors and Tumor Rejection. 

      Wennerberg, E; Spada, S; Rudqvist, N-P; Lhuillier, C; Gruber, S; Chen, Q; Zhang, F; Zhou, XK; Gross, SS; Formenti, SC; Demaria, S (2020-04)
      The ability of focal radiotherapy to promote priming of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells and increase responses to immunotherapy is dependent on infiltration of the tumor by Batf3-dependent conventional dendritic cell type 1 ...
    • Exercise reduces immune suppression and breast cancer progression in a preclinical model. 

      Wennerberg, E; Lhuillier, C; Rybstein, MD; Dannenberg, K; Rudqvist, N-P; Koelwyn, GJ; Jones, LW; Demaria, S (2020-01-28)
      Exercise is associated with favorable changes in circulating immune cells and improved survival in early-stage breast cancer patients, but the mechansims remain to be fully elucidated. Preclinical studies indicate that ...
    • Targeting Cancer Heterogeneity with Immune Responses Driven by Oncolytic Peptides. 

      Vitale, I; Yamazaki, T; Wennerberg, E; Sveinbjørnsson, B; Rekdal, Ø; Demaria, S; Galluzzi, L (2021-01-11)
      Accumulating preclinical and clinical evidence indicates that high degrees of heterogeneity among malignant cells constitute a considerable obstacle to the success of cancer therapy. This calls for the development of ...