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    • Discovery and Characterization of a Cryptic Secondary Binding Site in the Molecular Chaperone HSP70 

      O'Connor, S; Le Bihan, Y; Westwood, I; Liu, M; Van Montfort, R; Collins, I
    • Target 2035-update on the quest for a probe for every protein 

      Mueller, S; Ackloo, S; Al Chawaf, A; Al-Lazikani, B; Antolin, A; Baell, JB; Beck, H; Beedie, S; Betz, UAK; Bezerra, GA; Brennan, PE; Brown, D; Brown, PJ; Bullock, AN; Carter, AJ; Chaikuad, A; Chaineau, M; Ciulli, A; Collins, I; Dreher, J; Drewry, D; Edfeldt, K; Edwards, AM; Egner, U; Frye, S; Fuchs, SM; Hall, MD; Hartung, I; Hillisch, A; Hitchcock, SH; Homan, E; Kannan, N; Kiefer, JR; Knapp, S; Kostic, M; Kubicek, S; Leach, AR; Lindemann, S; Marsden, BD; Matsui, H; Meier, JL; Merk, D; Michel, M; Morgan, MR; Mueller-Fahrnow, A; Owen, DR; Perry, BG; Rosenberg, SH; Saikatendu, KS; Schapira, M; Scholten, C; Sharma, S; Simeonov, A; Sundstrom, M; Superti-Furga, G; Todd, MH; Tredup, C; Vedadi, M; von Delft, F; Willson, TM; Winter, GE; Workman, P; Arrowsmith, CH (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2021-12-03)
    • Targeted PET/MRI Imaging Super Probes: A Critical Review of Opportunities and Challenges. 

      Kastelik-Hryniewiecka, A; Jewula, P; Bakalorz, K; Kramer-Marek, G; Kuźnik, N
      Recently, the demand for hybrid PET/MRI imaging techniques has increased significantly, which has sparked the investigation into new ways to simultaneously track multiple molecular targets and improve the localization and ...
    • Defining variant-resistant epitopes targeted by SARS-CoV-2 antibodies: A global consortium study. 

      Hastie, KM; Li, H; Bedinger, D; Schendel, SL; Dennison, SM; Li, K; Rayaprolu, V; Yu, X; Mann, C; Zandonatti, M; Diaz Avalos, R; Zyla, D; Buck, T; Hui, S; Shaffer, K; Hariharan, C; Yin, J; Olmedillas, E; Enriquez, A; Parekh, D; Abraha, M; Feeney, E; Horn, GQ; CoVIC-DB team1; Aldon, Y; Ali, H; Aracic, S; Cobb, RR; Federman, RS; Fernandez, JM; Glanville, J; Green, R; Grigoryan, G; Lujan Hernandez, AG; Ho, DD; Huang, K-YA; Ingraham, J; Jiang, W; Kellam, P; Kim, C; Kim, M; Kim, HM; Kong, C; Krebs, SJ; Lan, F; Lang, G; Lee, S; Leung, CL; Liu, J; Lu, Y; MacCamy, A; McGuire, AT; Palser, AL; Rabbitts, TH; Rikhtegaran Tehrani, Z; Sajadi, MM; Sanders, RW; Sato, AK; Schweizer, L; Seo, J; Shen, B; Snitselaar, JL; Stamatatos, L; Tan, Y; Tomic, MT; van Gils, MJ; Youssef, S; Yu, J; Yuan, TZ; Zhang, Q; Peters, B; Tomaras, GD; Germann, T; Saphire, EO
      [Figure: see text].
    • Circulating tumour DNA sequencing to determine therapeutic response and identify tumour heterogeneity in patients with paediatric solid tumours. 

      Stankunaite, R; George, SL; Gallagher, L; Jamal, S; Shaikh, R; Yuan, L; Hughes, D; Proszek, PZ; Carter, P; Pietka, G; Heide, T; James, C; Tari, H; Lynn, C; Jain, N; Portela, LR; Rogers, T; Vaidya, SJ; Chisholm, JC; Carceller, F; Szychot, E; Mandeville, H; Angelini, P; Jesudason, AB; Jackson, M; Marshall, LV; Gatz, SA; Anderson, J; Sottoriva, A; Chesler, L; Hubank, M (2021-12-18)
      <h4>Objective</h4>Clinical diagnostic sequencing of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) is well advanced for adult patients, but application to paediatric cancer patients lags behind.<h4>Methods</h4>To address this, we have ...
    • Semi-Quantitative Mass Spectrometry in AML Cells Identifies New Non-Genomic Targets of the EZH2 Methyltransferase. 

      Sbirkov, Y; Kwok, C; Bhamra, A; Thompson, AJ; Gil, V; Zelent, A; Petrie, K (2017-07-05)
      Alterations to the gene encoding the EZH2 (KMT6A) methyltransferase, including both gain-of-function and loss-of-function, have been linked to a variety of haematological malignancies and solid tumours, suggesting a complex, ...
    • The biguanide polyamine analog verlindamycin promotes differentiation in neuroblastoma via induction of antizyme. 

      Urban-Wójciuk, Z; Graham, A; Barker, K; Kwok, C; Sbirkov, Y; Howell, L; Campbell, J; Woster, PM; Poon, E; Petrie, K; Chesler, L (2021-09-14)
      Deregulated polyamine biosynthesis is emerging as a common feature of neuroblastoma and drugs targeting this metabolic pathway such as DFMO are in clinical and preclinical development. The polyamine analog verlindamycin ...
    • Modulation of pancreatic cancer cell sensitivity to FOLFIRINOX through microRNA-mediated regulation of DNA damage. 

      Carotenuto, P; Amato, F; Lampis, A; Rae, C; Hedayat, S; Previdi, MC; Zito, D; Raj, M; Guzzardo, V; Sclafani, F; Lanese, A; Parisi, C; Vicentini, C; Said-Huntingford, I; Hahne, JC; Hallsworth, A; Kirkin, V; Young, K; Begum, R; Wotherspoon, A; Kouvelakis, K; Azevedo, SX; Michalarea, V; Upstill-Goddard, R; Rao, S; Watkins, D; Starling, N; Sadanandam, A; Chang, DK; Biankin, AV; Jamieson, NB; Scarpa, A; Cunningham, D; Chau, I; Workman, P; Fassan, M; Valeri, N; Braconi, C (2021-11-18)
      FOLFIRINOX, a combination of chemotherapy drugs (Fluorouracil, Oxaliplatin, Irinotecan -FOI), provides the best clinical benefit in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) patients. In this study we explore the role of ...
    • Investigating acute cellular responses to elevated APOBEC3B expression 

      McCarthy, C (2021-09-30)
      The cytosine deaminase APOBEC3B (A3B) functions as part of innate immunity by mutating viral DNA and preventing replication. Large-scale genome sequencing studies and examination of expression levels have identified mutations ...
    • Recent Advances in ALK2 Inhibitors. 

      Rooney, L; Jones, C (2021-08-06)
      Activin receptor-like kinase-2 (ALK2) is a type I bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) receptor which has a role in biological processes that control the development of bone, heart, brain, and other tissue. Gain of function ...
    • Mutations in CRBN and other cereblon pathway genes are infrequently associated with acquired resistance to immunomodulatory drugs. 

      Jones, JR; Barber, A; Le Bihan, Y-V; Weinhold, N; Ashby, C; Walker, BA; Wardell, CP; Wang, H; Kaiser, MF; Jackson, GH; Davies, FE; Chopra, R; Morgan, GJ; Pawlyn, C
    • Repurposing vandetanib plus everolimus for the treatment of ACVR1-mutant diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. 

      Carvalho, DM; Richardson, PJ; Olaciregui, N; Stankunaite, R; Lavarino, C; Molinari, V; Corley, EA; Smith, DP; Ruddle, R; Donovan, A; Pal, A; Raynaud, FI; Temelso, S; Mackay, A; Overington, JP; Phelan, A; Sheppard, D; Mackinnon, A; Zebian, B; Al-Sarraj, S; Merve, A; Pryce, J; Grill, J; Hubank, M; Cruz, O; Morales La Madrid, A; Mueller, S; Carcaboso, AM; Carceller, F; Jones, C (2021-09-22)
      Somatic mutations in ACVR1 are found in a quarter of children with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), however there are no ACVR1 inhibitors licensed for the disease. Using an Artificial Intelligence-based platform ...
    • The molecular pathology of infant gliomas 

      Clarke, M (2021-04-30)
      Infant high grade gliomas appear clinically distinct from their counterparts in older children, indicating that histopathologic grading may not accurately reflect the biology of these tumours. I have collected 241 cases ...
    • Targeting androgen receptor splicing in lethal prostate cancer 

      Paschalis, A (2021-04-30)
      Over the past decade, androgen receptor (AR) directed therapies such as abiraterone and enzalutamide have become the standard of care for treating advanced prostate cancer, improving both progression-free and overall ...
    • Genomic Classification and Clinical Outcome in Rhabdomyosarcoma: A Report From an International Consortium. 

      Shern, JF; Selfe, J; Izquierdo, E; Patidar, R; Chou, H-C; Song, YK; Yohe, ME; Sindiri, S; Wei, J; Wen, X; Rudzinski, ER; Barkauskas, DA; Lo, T; Hall, D; Linardic, CM; Hughes, D; Jamal, S; Jenney, M; Chisholm, J; Brown, R; Jones, K; Hicks, B; Angelini, P; George, S; Chesler, L; Hubank, M; Kelsey, A; Gatz, SA; Skapek, SX; Hawkins, DS; Shipley, JM; Khan, J
      Purpose Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common soft tissue sarcoma of childhood. Despite aggressive therapy, the 5-year survival rate for patients with metastatic or recurrent disease remains poor, and beyond PAX-FOXO1 fusion ...
    • Elucidating Prostate Cancer Behaviour During Treatment via Low-pass Whole-genome Sequencing of Circulating Tumour DNA. 

      Sumanasuriya, S; Seed, G; Parr, H; Christova, R; Pope, L; Bertan, C; Bianchini, D; Rescigno, P; Figueiredo, I; Goodall, J; Fowler, G; Flohr, P; Mehra, N; Neeb, A; Rekowski, J; Eisenberger, M; Sartor, O; Oudard, S; Geffriaud-Ricouard, C; Ozatilgan, A; Chadjaa, M; Macé, S; Lord, C; Baxter, J; Pettitt, S; Lambros, M; Sharp, A; Mateo, J; Carreira, S; Yuan, W; de Bono, JS
      Background Better blood tests to elucidate the behaviour of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) are urgently needed to drive therapeutic decisions. Plasma cell-free DNA (cfDNA) comprises normal and ...
    • Frequency and Prognostic Impact of <i>ALK</i> Amplifications and Mutations in the European Neuroblastoma Study Group (SIOPEN) High-Risk Neuroblastoma Trial (HR-NBL1). 

      Bellini, A; Pötschger, U; Bernard, V; Lapouble, E; Baulande, S; Ambros, PF; Auger, N; Beiske, K; Bernkopf, M; Betts, DR; Bhalshankar, J; Bown, N; de Preter, K; Clément, N; Combaret, V; Font de Mora, J; George, SL; Jiménez, I; Jeison, M; Marques, B; Martinsson, T; Mazzocco, K; Morini, M; Mühlethaler-Mottet, A; Noguera, R; Pierron, G; Rossing, M; Taschner-Mandl, S; Van Roy, N; Vicha, A; Chesler, L; Balwierz, W; Castel, V; Elliott, M; Kogner, P; Laureys, G; Luksch, R; Malis, J; Popovic-Beck, M; Ash, S; Delattre, O; Valteau-Couanet, D; Tweddle, DA; Ladenstein, R; Schleiermacher, G (2021-06-11)
      Purpose In neuroblastoma (NB), the ALK receptor tyrosine kinase can be constitutively activated through activating point mutations or genomic amplification. We studied ALK genetic alterations in high-risk (HR) patients on ...
    • Investigating the phosphinic acid tripeptide mimetic DG013A as a tool compound inhibitor of the M1-aminopeptidase ERAP1. 

      Wilding, B; Pasqua, AE; E A Chessum, N; Pierrat, OA; Hahner, T; Tomlin, K; Shehu, E; Burke, R; Richards, GM; Whitton, B; Arwert, EN; Thapaliya, A; Salimraj, R; van Montfort, R; Skawinska, A; Hayes, A; Raynaud, F; Chopra, R; Jones, K; Newton, G; Cheeseman, MD
      ERAP1 is a zinc-dependent M1-aminopeptidase that trims lipophilic amino acids from the N-terminus of peptides. Owing to its importance in the processing of antigens and regulation of the adaptive immune response, dysregulation ...
    • Precision genomics for prostate cancer patient stratification 

      Seed, G (2020-10-31)
      Introduction Several unmet needs currently persist in advanced prostate cancers. Despite recent discoveries, such as identification of deficient DNA repair pathways as a key driver of prostate tumour development, relatively ...
    • Biological Role of MYCN in Medulloblastoma: Novel Therapeutic Opportunities and Challenges Ahead. 

      Shrestha, S; Morcavallo, A; Gorrini, C; Chesler, L
      The constitutive and dysregulated expression of the transcription factor MYCN has a central role in the pathogenesis of the paediatric brain tumour medulloblastoma, with an increased expression of this oncogene correlating ...