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    • Individualized 131I-mIBG therapy in the management of refractory and relapsed neuroblastoma. 

      George, SL; Falzone, N; Chittenden, S; Kirk, SJ; Lancaster, D; Vaidya, SJ; Mandeville, H; Saran, F; Pearson, ADJ; Du, Y; Meller, ST; Denis-Bacelar, AM; Flux, GD (2016-05)
      <h4>Objective</h4>Iodine-131-labelled meta-iodobenzylguanidine (I-mIBG) therapy is an established treatment modality for relapsed/refractory neuroblastoma, most frequently administered according to fixed or weight-based ...
    • Novel therapeutic strategies targeting telomere maintenance mechanisms in high-risk neuroblastoma. 

      George, SL; Parmar, V; Lorenzi, F; Marshall, LV; Jamin, Y; Poon, E; Angelini, P; Chesler, L (2020-05-06)
      The majority of high-risk neuroblastomas can be divided into three distinct molecular subgroups defined by the presence of MYCN amplification, upstream TERT rearrangements or alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT). The ...
    • A tailored molecular profiling programme for children with cancer to identify clinically actionable genetic alterations. 

      George, SL; Izquierdo, E; Campbell, J; Koutroumanidou, E; Proszek, P; Jamal, S; Hughes, D; Yuan, L; Marshall, LV; Carceller, F; Chisholm, JC; Vaidya, S; Mandeville, H; Angelini, P; Wasti, A; Bexelius, T; Thway, K; Gatz, SA; Clarke, M; Al-Lazikani, B; Barone, G; Anderson, J; Tweddle, DA; Gonzalez, D; Walker, BA; Barton, J; Depani, S; Eze, J; Ahmed, SW; Moreno, L; Pearson, A; Shipley, J; Jones, C; Hargrave, D; Jacques, TS; Hubank, M; Chesler, L (2019-11)
      BACKGROUND:For children with cancer, the clinical integration of precision medicine to enable predictive biomarker-based therapeutic stratification is urgently needed. METHODS:We have developed a hybrid-capture next-generation ...