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    • Baseline results from the UK SIGNIFY study: a whole-body MRI screening study in TP53 mutation carriers and matched controls. 

      Saya, S; Killick, E; Thomas, S; Taylor, N; Bancroft, EK; Rothwell, J; Benafif, S; Dias, A; Mikropoulos, C; Pope, J; Chamberlain, A; Gunapala, R; SIGNIFY Study Steering Committee; Izatt, L; Side, L; Walker, L; Tomkins, S; Cook, J; Barwell, J; Wiles, V; Limb, L; Eccles, D; Leach, MO; Shanley, S; Gilbert, FJ; Hanson, H; Gallagher, D; Rajashanker, B; Whitehouse, RW; Koh, D-M; Sohaib, SA; Evans, DG; Eeles, RA (2017-07)
      In the United Kingdom, current screening guidelines for TP53 germline mutation carriers solely recommends annual breast MRI, despite the wide spectrum of malignancies typically seen in this group. This study sought to ...