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    • De Novo Missense Substitutions in the Gene Encoding CDK8, a Regulator of the Mediator Complex, Cause a Syndromic Developmental Disorder. 

      Calpena, E; Hervieu, A; Kaserer, T; Swagemakers, SMA; Goos, JAC; Popoola, O; Ortiz-Ruiz, MJ; Barbaro-Dieber, T; Bownass, L; Brilstra, EH; Brimble, E; Foulds, N; Grebe, TA; Harder, AVE; Lees, MM; Monaghan, KG; Newbury-Ecob, RA; Ong, K-R; Osio, D; Reynoso Santos, FJ; Ruzhnikov, MRZ; Telegrafi, A; van Binsbergen, E; van Dooren, MF; Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study; van der Spek, PJ; Blagg, J; Twigg, SRF; Mathijssen, IMJ; Clarke, PA; Wilkie, AOM (2019-04)
      The Mediator is an evolutionarily conserved, multi-subunit complex that regulates multiple steps of transcription. Mediator activity is regulated by the reversible association of a four-subunit module comprising CDK8 or ...
    • The Role of PI3K in Met Driven Cancer: A Recap. 

      Hervieu, A; Kermorgant, S (2018-01)
      The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) Met, overexpressed or mutated in cancer, plays a major role in cancer progression and represents an attractive target for cancer therapy. However RTK inhibitors can lead to drug resistance, ...