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    • C9orf72 arginine-rich dipeptide proteins interact with ribosomal proteins in vivo to induce a toxic translational arrest that is rescued by eIF1A. 

      Moens, TG; Niccoli, T; Wilson, KM; Atilano, ML; Birsa, N; Gittings, LM; Holbling, BV; Dyson, MC; Thoeng, A; Neeves, J; Glaria, I; Yu, L; Bussmann, J; Storkebaum, E; Pardo, M; Choudhary, JS; Fratta, P; Partridge, L; Isaacs, AM (2019-03)
      A GGGGCC hexanucleotide repeat expansion within the C9orf72 gene is the most common genetic cause of both amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia. Sense and antisense repeat-containing transcripts undergo ...
    • Proteomic navigation using proximity-labeling. 

      Gentzel, M; Pardo, M; Subramaniam, S; Stewart, AF; Choudhary, JS (2019-07-15)
      The identification of bona fide protein-protein interactions and the mapping of proteomes was greatly enhanced by protein tagging for generic affinity purification methods and analysis by mass spectrometry (AP-MS). The ...