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    • ATR Is a Therapeutic Target in Synovial Sarcoma. 

      Jones, SE; Fleuren, EDG; Frankum, J; Konde, A; Williamson, CT; Krastev, DB; Pemberton, HN; Campbell, J; Gulati, A; Elliott, R; Menon, M; Selfe, JL; Brough, R; Pettitt, SJ; Niedzwiedz, W; van der Graaf, WTA; Shipley, J; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2017-12)
      Synovial sarcoma (SS) is an aggressive soft-tissue malignancy characterized by expression of SS18-SSX fusions, where treatment options are limited. To identify therapeutically actionable genetic dependencies in SS, we ...
    • Genome-wide and high-density CRISPR-Cas9 screens identify point mutations in PARP1 causing PARP inhibitor resistance. 

      Pettitt, SJ; Krastev, DB; Brandsma, I; Dréan, A; Song, F; Aleksandrov, R; Harrell, MI; Menon, M; Brough, R; Campbell, J; Frankum, J; Ranes, M; Pemberton, HN; Rafiq, R; Fenwick, K; Swain, A; Guettler, S; Lee, J-M; Swisher, EM; Stoynov, S; Yusa, K; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2018-05-10)
      Although PARP inhibitors (PARPi) target homologous recombination defective tumours, drug resistance frequently emerges, often via poorly understood mechanisms. Here, using genome-wide and high-density CRISPR-Cas9 ...
    • Genome-wide barcoded transposon screen for cancer drug sensitivity in haploid mouse embryonic stem cells. 

      Pettitt, SJ; Krastev, DB; Pemberton, HN; Fontebasso, Y; Frankum, J; Rehman, FL; Brough, R; Song, F; Bajrami, I; Rafiq, R; Wallberg, F; Kozarewa, I; Fenwick, K; Armisen-Garrido, J; Swain, A; Gulati, A; Campbell, J; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2017-03)
      We describe a screen for cellular response to drugs that makes use of haploid embryonic stem cells. We generated ten libraries of mutants with piggyBac gene trap transposon integrations, totalling approximately 100,000 ...