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    • Structural basis for the inhibition of cGAS by nucleosomes. 

      Kujirai, T; Zierhut, C; Takizawa, Y; Kim, R; Negishi, L; et al. (AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE, 2020-10-23)
      The cyclic guanosine monophosphate-adenosine monophosphate synthase (cGAS) senses invasion of pathogenic DNA and stimulates inflammatory signaling, autophagy, and apoptosis. Organization of host DNA into nucleosomes was ...
    • Vaccinia E5 is a major inhibitor of the DNA sensor cGAS. 

      Yang, N; Wang, Y; Dai, P; Li, T; Zierhut, C; et al. (NATURE PORTFOLIO, 2023-05-22)
      The DNA sensor cyclic GMP-AMP synthase (cGAS) is critical in host antiviral immunity. Vaccinia virus (VACV) is a large cytoplasmic DNA virus that belongs to the poxvirus family. How vaccinia virus antagonizes the cGAS-mediated ...