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    • 3D Functional Genomics Screens Identify CREBBP as a Targetable Driver in Aggressive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. 

      Peck, B; Bland, P; Mavrommati, I; Muirhead, G; Cottom, H; Wai, PT; Maguire, SL; Barker, HE; Morrison, E; Kriplani, D; Yu, L; Gibson, A; Falgari, G; Brennan, K; Farnie, G; Buus, R; Marlow, R; Novo, D; Knight, E; Guppy, N; Kolarevic, D; Susnjar, S; Milijic, NM; Naidoo, K; Gazinska, P; Roxanis, I; Pancholi, S; Martin, L-A; Holgersen, EM; Cheang, MCU; Noor, F; Postel-Vinay, S; Quinn, G; McDade, S; Krasny, L; Huang, P; Daley, F; Wallberg, F; Choudhary, JS; Haider, S; Tutt, AN; Natrajan, R (2021-01-28)
      Triple-negative breast cancers (TNBC) are resistant to standard-of-care chemotherapy and lack known targetable driver gene alterations. Identification of novel drivers could aid the discovery of new treatment strategies ...
    • The adequacy of tissue microarrays in the assessment of inter- and intra-tumoural heterogeneity of infiltrating lymphocyte burden in leiomyosarcoma. 

      Lee, ATJ; Chew, W; Wilding, CP; Guljar, N; Smith, MJ; Strauss, DC; Fisher, C; Hayes, AJ; Judson, I; Thway, K; Jones, RL; Huang, PH (2019-10-10)
      The characterisation and clinical relevance of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) in leiomyosarcoma (LMS), a subtype of soft tissue sarcoma that exhibits histological heterogeneity, is not established. The use of tissue ...
    • Clinical and Molecular Spectrum of Liposarcoma. 

      Lee, ATJ; Thway, K; Huang, PH; Jones, RL (2018-01)
      Liposarcomas are rare malignant tumors of adipocytic differentiation. The classification of liposarcomas into four principal subtypes reflects the distinct clinical behavior, treatment sensitivity, and underlying biology ...
    • Drug repositioning in sarcomas and other rare tumors. 

      Lee, ATJ; Huang, PH; Pollack, SM; Jones, RL (2016-04)
    • The landscape of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in sarcomas: looking beyond pazopanib. 

      Wilding, CP; Elms, ML; Judson, I; Tan, A-C; Jones, RL; Huang, PH (2019-11-13)
      Introduction: Tyrosine kinases are key mediators of intracellular signaling cascades and aberrations in these proteins have been implicated in driving oncogenesis through the dysregulation of fundamental cellular processes ...
    • Novel therapeutic approaches in chondrosarcoma. 

      Polychronidou, G; Karavasilis, V; Pollack, SM; Huang, PH; Lee, A; Jones, RL (2017-03)
      Chondrosarcoma is a malignant tumor of bones, characterized by the production of cartilage matrix. Due to lack of effective treatment for advanced disease, the clinical management of chondrosarcomas is exceptionally ...
    • Olaratumab in soft tissue sarcoma - Current status and future perspectives. 

      Antoniou, G; Lee, ATJ; Huang, PH; Jones, RL (2018-03)
      Recent randomised phase II trial data have indicated that the addition of olaratumab, a novel monoclonal antibody against platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRα), to doxorubicin confers an unprecedented ...
    • Pazopanib in advanced soft tissue sarcomas. 

      Lee, ATJ; Jones, RL; Huang, PH (2019-01)
      Pazopanib is the first and only tyrosine kinase inhibitor currently approved for the treatment of multiple histological subtypes of soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Initially developed as a small molecule inhibitor of vascular ...
    • Pazopanib in patients with advanced intermediate-grade or high-grade liposarcoma. 

      Chamberlain, FE; Wilding, C; Jones, RL; Huang, P (2019-06)
      <b>Introduction</b>: Liposarcomas (LPS) are a heterogeneous group of adipocytic soft tissue sarcomas with limited treatment options in the advanced/metastatic setting. Pazopanib is a multi-target tyrosine kinase inhibitor ...
    • Phase III Soft Tissue Sarcoma Trials: Success or Failure? 

      Lee, ATJ; Pollack, SM; Huang, P; Jones, RL (2017-03)
      <h4>Opinion statement</h4>Two recently reported phase III randomised control trials (RCTs) have resulted in the registration of two new systemic therapies for advanced soft tissue sarcoma. Both of these trials' designs ...