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    • JAMA Oncology 

      Dowsett, Mitch; Buus, Richard (2015-04-01)
    • JMJD6 Is a Druggable Oxygenase That Regulates AR-V7 Expression in Prostate Cancer 

      Paschalis, A; Welti, J; Neeb, AJ; Yuan, W; Figueiredo, I; Pereira, R; Ferreira, A; Riisnaes, R; Rodrigues, DN; Jimenez-Vacas, JM; Kim, S; Uo, T; Di Micco, P; Tumber, A; Islam, MS; Moesser, MA; Abboud, M; Kawamura, A; Gurel, B; Christova, R; Gil, VS; Buroni, L; Crespo, M; Miranda, S; Lambros, MB; Carreira, S; Tunariu, N; Alimonti, A; Al-Lazikani, B; Schofield, CJ; Plymate, SR; Sharp, A; de Bono, JS (AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH, 2021-02-15)
    • JNK inhibition reduces lung remodeling and pulmonary fibrotic systemic markers. 

      van der Velden, JLJ; Ye, Y; Nolin, JD; Hoffman, SM; Chapman, DG; Lahue, KG; Abdalla, S; Chen, P; Liu, Y; Bennett, B; Khalil, N; Sutherland, D; Smith, W; Horan, G; Assaf, M; Horowitz, Z; Chopra, R; Stevens, RM; Palmisano, M; Janssen-Heininger, YMW; Schafer, PH (2016-12)
      Background Lung remodeling and pulmonary fibrosis are serious, life-threatening conditions resulting from diseases such as chronic severe asthma and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Preclinical evidence suggests that ...
    • Joint associations of a polygenic risk score and environmental risk factors for breast cancer in the Breast Cancer Association Consortium. 

      Rudolph, A; Song, M; Brook, MN; Milne, RL; Mavaddat, N; Michailidou, K; Bolla, MK; Wang, Q; Dennis, J; Wilcox, AN; Hopper, JL; Southey, MC; Keeman, R; Fasching, PA; Beckmann, MW; Gago-Dominguez, M; Castelao, JE; Guénel, P; Truong, T; Bojesen, SE; Flyger, H; Brenner, H; Arndt, V; Brauch, H; Brüning, T; Mannermaa, A; Kosma, V-M; Lambrechts, D; Keupers, M; Couch, FJ; Vachon, C; Giles, GG; MacInnis, RJ; Figueroa, J; Brinton, L; Czene, K; Brand, JS; Gabrielson, M; Humphreys, K; Cox, A; Cross, SS; Dunning, AM; Orr, N; Swerdlow, A; Hall, P; Pharoah, PDP; Schmidt, MK; Easton, DF; Chatterjee, N; Chang-Claude, J; García-Closas, M (2018-04)
      Background Polygenic risk scores (PRS) for breast cancer can be used to stratify the population into groups at substantially different levels of risk. Combining PRS and environmental risk factors will improve risk prediction; ...
    • Journal of the Psychological, Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Cancer 

      Holland, JC; Watson, M; Philip, EJ (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2013-05)
    • JunD, not c-Jun, is the AP-1 transcription factor required for Ras-induced lung cancer. 

      Ruiz, EJ; Lan, L; Diefenbacher, ME; Riising, EM; Da Costa, C; Chakraborty, A; Hoeck, JD; Spencer-Dene, B; Kelly, G; David, J-P; Nye, E; Downward, J; Behrens, A (2021-07-08)
      The AP-1 transcription factor c-Jun is required for Ras-driven tumorigenesis in many tissues and is considered as a classical proto-oncogene. To determine the requirement for c-Jun in a mouse model of K-RasG12D-induced ...
    • Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus-infected primary effusion lymphoma has a gene expression profile 

      Jenner, RG; Maillard, K; Cattini, N; Weiss, RA; Boshoff, C; Wooster, R; Kellam, P (2003-09-02)
      Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus is associated with three human tumors: Kaposi’s sarcoma, and the B cell lymphomas, plasmablastic lymphoma associated with multicentric Castleman’s disease, and primary effusion ...
    • Ki-67 and outcome in clinically localised prostate cancer: analysis of conservatively treated prostate cancer patients from the Trans-Atlantic Prostate Group study 

      Berney, DM; Gopalan, A; Kudahetti, S; Fisher, G; Ambroisine, L; Foster, CS; Reuter, V; Eastham, J; Moller, H; Kattan, MW; Gerald, W; Cooper, C; Scardino, P; Cuzick, J; Grp, T-AP (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2009-03-17)
      Treatment decisions after diagnosis of clinically localised prostate cancer are difficult due to variability in tumour behaviour. We therefore examined one of the most promising biomarkers in prostate cancer, Ki-67, in a ...
    • Ki67 Is an Independent Predictor of Recurrence in the Largest Randomized Trial of 3 Radiation Fractionation Schedules in Localized Prostate Cancer. 

      Wilkins, AC; Gusterson, B; Szijgyarto, Z; Haviland, J; Griffin, C; Stuttle, C; Daley, F; Corbishley, CM; Dearnaley, DP; Hall, E; Somaiah, N; CHHiP Trial Investigators (2018-06)
      PURPOSE:To assess whether the cellular proliferation marker Ki67 provides prognostic information and predicts response to radiation therapy fractionation in patients with localized prostate tumors participating in a ...
    • Ki67 Proliferation Index as a Tool for Chemotherapy Decisions During and After Neoadjuvant Aromatase Inhibitor Treatment of Breast Cancer: Results From the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group Z1031 Trial (Alliance). 

      Ellis, MJ; Suman, VJ; Hoog, J; Goncalves, R; Sanati, S; Creighton, CJ; DeSchryver, K; Crouch, E; Brink, A; Watson, M; Luo, J; Tao, Y; Barnes, M; Dowsett, M; Budd, GT; Winer, E; Silverman, P; Esserman, L; Carey, L; Ma, CX; Unzeitig, G; Pluard, T; Whitworth, P; Babiera, G; Guenther, JM; Dayao, Z; Ota, D; Leitch, M; Olson, JA; Allred, DC; Hunt, K (2017-04)
      Purpose To determine the pathologic complete response (pCR) rate in estrogen receptor (ER) -positive primary breast cancer triaged to chemotherapy when the protein encoded by the MKI67 gene (Ki67) level was > 10% after 2 ...
    • Kinetic energy of He atoms in liquid He-4-He-3 mixtures 

      Senesi, R; Andreani, C; Fielding, AL; Mayers, J; Stirling, WG (AMER PHYSICAL SOC, 2003-12)
      Deep inelastic neutron scattering measurements on liquid He-3-He-4 mixtures in the normal phase have been performed on the VESUVIO spectrometer at the ISIS pulsed neutron source at exchanged wave vectors of about qsimilar ...
    • Kinetic Optimization of Lysine-Targeting Covalent Inhibitors of HSP72. 

      Pettinger, J; Carter, M; Jones, K; Cheeseman, MD (2019-12-06)
      The covalent inhibition mechanism of action, which overcomes competition with high-affinity, high-abundance substrates of challenging protein targets, can deliver effective chemical probes and drugs. The success of this ...
    • Klotho and the Treatment of Human Malignancies. 

      Sachdeva, A; Gouge, J; Kontovounisios, C; Nikolaou, S; Ashworth, A; Lim, K; Chong, I (2020-06-23)
      Klotho was first discovered as an anti-ageing protein linked to a number of age-related disease processes, including cardiovascular, renal, musculoskeletal, and neurodegenerative conditions. Emerging research has also ...
    • Klotho: A Major Shareholder in Vascular Aging Enterprises. 

      Lim, K; Halim, A; Lu, T-S; Ashworth, A; Chong, I (2019-09-19)
      Accelerated vascular aging is a condition that occurs as a complication of several highly prevalent inflammatory conditions such as chronic kidney disease, cancer, HIV infection and diabetes. Age-associated vascular ...
    • Known drug space as a metric in exploring the boundaries of drug-like chemical space 

      Mirza, Amin (2009)
      In this work, marketed drug compounds (or known drug space) were used as a metric to test the principles of eliminating parent structures of the nitrenium ion (aryl-amine/nitro compounds) as well as sulphur and halogen ...
    • KRAS and BRAF mutations in circulating tumour DNA from locally advanced rectal cancer. 

      Sclafani, F; Chau, I; Cunningham, D; Hahne, JC; Vlachogiannis, G; Eltahir, Z; Lampis, A; Braconi, C; Kalaitzaki, E; De Castro, DG; Wotherspoon, A; Capdevila, J; Glimelius, B; Tarazona, N; Begum, R; Lote, H; Hulkki Wilson, S; Mentrasti, G; Brown, G; Tait, D; Oates, J; Valeri, N (2018-01-23)
      There are limited data on circulating, cell-free, tumour (ct)DNA analysis in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC). Digital droplet (dd)PCR was used to investigate KRAS/BRAF mutations in ctDNA from baseline blood samples ...
    • KRAS-specific inhibition using a DARPin binding to a site in the allosteric lobe. 

      Bery, N; Legg, S; Debreczeni, J; Breed, J; Embrey, K; Stubbs, C; Kolasinska-Zwierz, P; Barrett, N; Marwood, R; Watson, J; Tart, J; Overman, R; Miller, A; Phillips, C; Minter, R; Rabbitts, TH (2019-06-13)
      Inhibiting the RAS oncogenic protein has largely been through targeting the switch regions that interact with signalling effector proteins. Here, we report designed ankyrin repeat proteins (DARPins) macromolecules that ...
    • L-serine in disease and development 

      De Koning, TJ; Snell, K; Duran, M; Berger, R; Poll-The, BT; Surtees, R (PORTLAND PRESS LTD, 2003-05-01)
      The amino acid L-serine, one of the so-called non-essential amino acids, plays a central role in cellular proliferation. L-Serine is the predominant source of one-carbon groups for the de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides ...
    • Labelled chemical probes for demonstrating direct target engagement in living systems. 

      Prevet, H; Collins, I (2019-05)
      Demonstrating target engagement in living systems can help drive successful drug discovery. Target engagement and occupancy studies in cells confirm direct binding of a ligand to its intended target protein and provide the ...