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    • Association with Aurora-A Controls N-MYC-Dependent Promoter Escape and Pause Release of RNA Polymerase II during the Cell Cycle. 

      Büchel, G; Carstensen, A; Mak, K-Y; Roeschert, I; Leen, E; Sumara, O; Hofstetter, J; Herold, S; Kalb, J; Baluapuri, A; Poon, E; Kwok, C; Chesler, L; Maric, HM; Rickman, DS; Wolf, E; Bayliss, R; Walz, S; Eilers, M (2017-12)
      MYC proteins bind globally to active promoters and promote transcriptional elongation by RNA polymerase II (Pol II). To identify effector proteins that mediate this function, we performed mass spectrometry on N-MYC complexes ...
    • In Vivo Modeling of Chemoresistant Neuroblastoma Provides New Insights into Chemorefractory Disease and Metastasis. 

      Yogev, O; Almeida, GS; Barker, KT; George, SL; Kwok, C; Campbell, J; Zarowiecki, M; Kleftogiannis, D; Smith, LM; Hallsworth, A; Berry, P; Möcklinghoff, T; Webber, HT; Danielson, LS; Buttery, B; Calton, EA; da Costa, BM; Poon, E; Jamin, Y; Lise, S; Veal, GJ; Sebire, N; Robinson, SP; Anderson, J; Chesler, L (2019-10)
      Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that is frequently metastatic and resistant to conventional treatment. In part, a lack of natively metastatic, chemoresistant in vivo models has limited our insight into the development ...