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    • Adjuvant Olaparib for Patients with <i>BRCA1</i>- or <i>BRCA2</i>-Mutated Breast Cancer. 

      Tutt, ANJ; Garber, JE; Kaufman, B; Viale, G; Fumagalli, D; Rastogi, P; Gelber, RD; de Azambuja, E; Fielding, A; Balmaña, J; Domchek, SM; Gelmon, KA; Hollingsworth, SJ; Korde, LA; Linderholm, B; Bandos, H; Senkus, E; Suga, JM; Shao, Z; Pippas, AW; Nowecki, Z; Huzarski, T; Ganz, PA; Lucas, PC; Baker, N; Loibl, S; McConnell, R; Piccart, M; Schmutzler, R; Steger, GG; Costantino, JP; Arahmani, A; Wolmark, N; McFadden, E; Karantza, V; Lakhani, SR; Yothers, G; Campbell, C; Geyer, CE; OlympiA Clinical Trial Steering Committee and Investigators (2021-06-03)
      Background Poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose) polymerase inhibitors target cancers with defects in homologous recombination repair by synthetic lethality. New therapies are needed to reduce recurrence in patients with ...
    • AllergoOncology: Expression platform development and functional profiling of an anti-HER2 IgE antibody. 

      Ilieva, KM; Fazekas-Singer, J; Bax, HJ; Crescioli, S; Montero-Morales, L; Mele, S; Sow, HS; Stavraka, C; Josephs, DH; Spicer, JF; Steinkellner, H; Jensen-Jarolim, E; Tutt, ANJ; Karagiannis, SN (2019-10)
    • Crosstalk between Innate Lymphoid Cells and Other Immune Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment 

      Flores-Borja, F; Irshad, S; Gordon, P; Wong, F; Sheriff, I; Tutt, A; Ng, T (HINDAWI LTD, 2016-01-01)
    • Genomic Evolution of Breast Cancer Metastasis and Relapse. 

      Yates, LR; Knappskog, S; Wedge, D; Farmery, JHR; Gonzalez, S; Martincorena, I; Alexandrov, LB; Van Loo, P; Haugland, HK; Lilleng, PK; Gundem, G; Gerstung, M; Pappaemmanuil, E; Gazinska, P; Bhosle, SG; Jones, D; Raine, K; Mudie, L; Latimer, C; Sawyer, E; Desmedt, C; Sotiriou, C; Stratton, MR; Sieuwerts, AM; Lynch, AG; Martens, JW; Richardson, AL; Tutt, A; Lønning, PE; Campbell, PJ (2017-08)
      Patterns of genomic evolution between primary and metastatic breast cancer have not been studied in large numbers, despite patients with metastatic breast cancer having dismal survival. We sequenced whole genomes or a panel ...
    • HRDetect is a predictor of BRCA1 and BRCA2 deficiency based on mutational signatures. 

      Davies, H; Glodzik, D; Morganella, S; Yates, LR; Staaf, J; Zou, X; Ramakrishna, M; Martin, S; Boyault, S; Sieuwerts, AM; Simpson, PT; King, TA; Raine, K; Eyfjord, JE; Kong, G; Borg, Å; Birney, E; Stunnenberg, HG; van de Vijver, MJ; Børresen-Dale, A-L; Martens, JWM; Span, PN; Lakhani, SR; Vincent-Salomon, A; Sotiriou, C; Tutt, A; Thompson, AM; Van Laere, S; Richardson, AL; Viari, A; Campbell, PJ; Stratton, MR; Nik-Zainal, S (2017-04)
      Approximately 1-5% of breast cancers are attributed to inherited mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 and are selectively sensitive to poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors. In other cancer types, germline and/or somatic ...
    • Integrin-Mediated Macrophage Adhesion Promotes Lymphovascular Dissemination in Breast Cancer. 

      Evans, R; Flores-Borja, F; Nassiri, S; Miranda, E; Lawler, K; Grigoriadis, A; Monypenny, J; Gillet, C; Owen, J; Gordon, P; Male, V; Cheung, A; Noor, F; Barber, P; Marlow, R; Francesch-Domenech, E; Fruhwirth, G; Squadrito, M; Vojnovic, B; Tutt, A; Festy, F; De Palma, M; Ng, T (2019-05)
      Lymphatic vasculature is crucial for metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC); however, cellular and molecular drivers controlling lymphovascular metastasis are poorly understood. We define a macrophage-dependent ...
    • Landscape of somatic mutations in 560 breast cancer whole-genome sequences. 

      Nik-Zainal, S; Davies, H; Staaf, J; Ramakrishna, M; Glodzik, D; Zou, X; Martincorena, I; Alexandrov, LB; Martin, S; Wedge, DC; Van Loo, P; Ju, YS; Smid, M; Brinkman, AB; Morganella, S; Aure, MR; Lingjærde, OC; Langerød, A; Ringnér, M; Ahn, S-M; Boyault, S; Brock, JE; Broeks, A; Butler, A; Desmedt, C; Dirix, L; Dronov, S; Fatima, A; Foekens, JA; Gerstung, M; Hooijer, GKJ; Jang, SJ; Jones, DR; Kim, H-Y; King, TA; Krishnamurthy, S; Lee, HJ; Lee, J-Y; Li, Y; McLaren, S; Menzies, A; Mustonen, V; O'Meara, S; Pauporté, I; Pivot, X; Purdie, CA; Raine, K; Ramakrishnan, K; Rodríguez-González, FG; Romieu, G; Sieuwerts, AM; Simpson, PT; Shepherd, R; Stebbings, L; Stefansson, OA; Teague, J; Tommasi, S; Treilleux, I; Van den Eynden, GG; Vermeulen, P; Vincent-Salomon, A; Yates, L; Caldas, C; van't Veer, L; Tutt, A; Knappskog, S; Tan, BKT; Jonkers, J; Borg, Å; Ueno, NT; Sotiriou, C; Viari, A; Futreal, PA; Campbell, PJ; Span, PN; Van Laere, S; Lakhani, SR; Eyfjord, JE; Thompson, AM; Birney, E; Stunnenberg, HG; van de Vijver, MJ; Martens, JWM; Børresen-Dale, A-L; Richardson, AL; Kong, G; Thomas, G; Stratton, MR (2016-06)
      We analysed whole-genome sequences of 560 breast cancers to advance understanding of the driver mutations conferring clonal advantage and the mutational processes generating somatic mutations. We found that 93 protein-coding ...
    • Molecular alterations in triple-negative breast cancer-the road to new treatment strategies. 

      Denkert, C; Liedtke, C; Tutt, A; von Minckwitz, G (2017-06)
      Triple-negative breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease and specific therapies have not been available for a long time. Therefore, conventional chemotherapy is still considered the clinical state of the art. Different ...
    • RORγt + Innate Lymphoid Cells Promote Lymph Node Metastasis of Breast Cancers 

      Irshad, S; Flores-Borja, F; Lawler, K; Monypenny, J; Evans, R; Male, V; Gordon, P; Cheung, A; Gazinska, P; Noor, F; Wong, F; Grigoriadis, A; Fruhwirth, GO; Barber, PR; Woodman, N; Patel, D; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Owen, J; Martin, SG; Pinder, SE; Gillett, CE; Poland, SP; Ameer-Beg, S; McCaughan, F; Carlin, LM; Hasan, U; Withers, DR; Lane, P; Vojnovic, B; Quezada, SA; Ellis, P; Tutt, ANJ; Ng, T (2017-03-01)
    • Somatic mutations reveal asymmetric cellular dynamics in the early human embryo. 

      Ju, YS; Martincorena, I; Gerstung, M; Petljak, M; Alexandrov, LB; Rahbari, R; Wedge, DC; Davies, HR; Ramakrishna, M; Fullam, A; Martin, S; Alder, C; Patel, N; Gamble, S; O'Meara, S; Giri, DD; Sauer, T; Pinder, SE; Purdie, CA; Borg, Å; Stunnenberg, H; van de Vijver, M; Tan, BKT; Caldas, C; Tutt, A; Ueno, NT; van 't Veer, LJ; Martens, JWM; Sotiriou, C; Knappskog, S; Span, PN; Lakhani, SR; Eyfjörd, JE; Børresen-Dale, A-L; Richardson, A; Thompson, AM; Viari, A; Hurles, ME; Nik-Zainal, S; Campbell, PJ; Stratton, MR (2017-03-22)
      Somatic cells acquire mutations throughout the course of an individual's life. Mutations occurring early in embryogenesis are often present in a substantial proportion of, but not all, cells in postnatal humans and thus ...
    • Splicing imbalances in basal-like breast cancer underpin perturbation of cell surface and oncogenic pathways and are associated with patients' survival. 

      Gracio, F; Burford, B; Gazinska, P; Mera, A; Mohd Noor, A; Marra, P; Gillett, C; Grigoriadis, A; Pinder, S; Tutt, A; de Rinaldis, E (2017-01-06)
      Despite advancements in the use of transcriptional information to understand and classify breast cancers, the contribution of splicing to the establishment and progression of these tumours has only recently starting to ...
    • Tandem duplications contribute to not one but two distinct phenotypes. 

      Watkins, J; Tutt, A; Grigoriadis, A (2016-09)
    • Targeting folate receptor alpha for cancer treatment. 

      Cheung, A; Bax, HJ; Josephs, DH; Ilieva, KM; Pellizzari, G; Opzoomer, J; Bloomfield, J; Fittall, M; Grigoriadis, A; Figini, M; Canevari, S; Spicer, JF; Tutt, AN; Karagiannis, SN
      Promising targeted treatments and immunotherapy strategies in oncology and advancements in our understanding of molecular pathways that underpin cancer development have reignited interest in the tumor-associated antigen ...
    • Tumor-Infiltrating B Lymphocyte Profiling Identifies IgG-Biased, Clonally Expanded Prognostic Phenotypes In Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. 

      Harris, RJ; Cheung, A; Ng, JCF; Laddach, R; Chenoweth, AM; Crescioli, S; Fittall, M; Dominguez Rodriguez, D; Roberts, J; Levi, D; Liu, F; Alberts, E; Quist, J; Santaolalla, A; Pinder, SE; Gillett, C; Hammar, N; Irshad, S; Van Hemelrijck, M; Dunn-Walters, DK; Fraternali, F; Spicer, JF; Lacy, KE; Tsoka, S; Grigoriadis, A; Tutt, ANJ; Karagiannis, SN (2021-06-15)
      In breast cancer, humoral immune responses may contribute to clinical outcomes, especially in more immunogenic subtypes. Here we investigated B lymphocyte subsets, immunoglobulin expression, and clonal features in breast ...
    • Visualization of Tumor-Immune Interaction - Target-Specific Imaging of S100A8/A9 Reveals Pre-Metastatic Niche Establishment. 

      Eisenblaetter, M; Flores-Borja, F; Lee, JJ; Wefers, C; Smith, H; Hueting, R; Cooper, MS; Blower, PJ; Patel, D; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Milewicz, H; Vogl, T; Roth, J; Tutt, A; Schaeffter, T; Ng, T (2017-01)
      <i>Background</i> Systemic cancer spread is preceded by the establishment of a permissive microenvironment in the target tissue of metastasis - the premetastatic niche. As crucial players in establishment of the pre-metastatic ...